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Information on Cocaine: Has Anyone Actually Taken the Same Dose of Klonopin or Alprazolam for Several Years?

Question by Dan: Has anyone actually taken the same dose of Klonopin or Alprazolam for several years?
I was looking at drugs given for anxiety and several times I came across where someone would say that they got a tolerance for it and the dose was raised.

Has anyone ever used these for a long time at the same dose or will you eventually hit tolerance?

Best answer:

Answer by Adam Karrsen
Yes, Klonopin for 9 years. No tolerance. This drug will ravage you worse than cocaine. DO NOT take these drugs unless you want to suffer adverse side effects and become addicted.

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Arthritis Advice?

Question by Claire: Arthritis advice?
I have recently been diagnosed with arthritis, having been to the doctor complaining of a pain in my left thumb and joint. Also my knees often feel stiff and I avoid bending down. I am fifity, work full-time (often standing for long periods of time) and take moderate exercise, walking the dog etc. I am a little overweight – perhaps a stone or so.

My doctor has told me to avoid swimming breastroke as this would involve doing the wrong movement for my knees, but has encouraged me to lose weight and to continue with the walking. She has also told me to take 1500mg of glucosamine sulphate a day. Unfortunately I cannot use sopical pain killers or ibuprofen etc., as I am allergic to salicilates/non-steroidal anti-inflamatory drugs. I can however take paracetamol.

Substance Addiction: Is It Worth It to Become Addicted to Anything as Long as You Can Control It?

Question by Jsmooth46675: is it worth it to become addicted to anything as long as you can control it?
if possible anyone who is comfortable with their addiction and has been using whatever substance please answer.
okay worth becoming “dependant” on a chemical as long as it makes them feel better and living productive lives.
okay is ANYONE comfortable using such and such substance for long periods of time to make themselves feel better,

Im not asking for the definition im asking if any of you do the above and are comfortable with it.

Best answer:

Answer by Justin M
The problem is that after awhile you cant control it.

Smoking is the worst, that is why so many people cant quit.

There is people that think it isnt controlling it. but it really is they just dont want to admit it.

Can I Get Addicted to Poping Thizz Pills?

Question by : can i get addicted to poping thizz pills?
i popped a thiz pill for the very first time last night with some friends.
im thinking of doing it more, but will i get addicted?

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Answer by RedTigerLily xLive
Of course you can get addicted to ecstasy (Thizz pills are actually commonly mixed with other drugs ie; Crack, Meth, Lsd!)

Are you an idiot? Of course ecstasy pill are addictive, and once you are addicted you will go downhill from there.

Good luck whoring yourself out for your next fix.

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Addiction: Who Sang the Final Song in Abel Ferrara’s Movie “the Addiction”?

Question by : Who sang the final song in Abel Ferrara’s movie “The Addiction”?

Best answer:

Answer by CamilyEmily

# “Better Off Dead”
Written by Fredro Starr, Sticky Fingaz (as Sticky Fingers), Sonny Cezar
Published by Zomba Music
Performed by Onyx (as ONYX)
Courtesy of JMJ-RAL

# “I Wanna Get High”
Written by Louis Freese (as Freese) / Larry Muggerud (as Muggerud)
Performed by Cypress Hill

# “Eternity”
Written by Schooly-D (as Schooly D), Joe Delia
Performed by Schooly-D (as Schooly D)
Courtesy of Parkside Killer Records

# “Addiction”
Written by Eddie Kendrix
Produced by Rick Rubin
Performed by Eddie Kendrix, David Ruffin

# “Ngu Ngon”
Performed by Dean Thudman

# “Vivaldi Cello Concerto In A Minor”
Written by Antonio Vivaldi (as Vivaldi)
Performed by Avron Coleman

# “London Bridge”
Performed by Endira

Gambling Addiction: Gambling, Is This an Obsession or Addiction?

Question by Baby Cakes: Gambling, is this an obsession or addiction?
Where do we draw the line bewteen obsession and addiction? A person who starves themselves, a gambler, a cumpulsive washer, can all of these people be suffering from the same thing? An obsession? What are your thoughts?

Best answer:

Answer by Vera Gabriele
If you can’t be without it’s that is an addiction… an obsession is you have to do the same thing over again…an obsession is a compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea or an unwanted feeling or emotion, often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety.
Gambling can ruin a life just as much as alcohol or heavy drugs only that the addiction is mental not physical..if someone is a real gambler he will not just do this for fun.. it will become somethng he or she cannot live without and the fun of it is to gamble and play for money.. and that can’t get people into deep debts… so they lose everything and still own money.. they know the danger but they can’t stop without help.. that is addiction..