Substance Addiction: Is It Worth It to Become Addicted to Anything as Long as You Can Control It?

Question by Jsmooth46675: is it worth it to become addicted to anything as long as you can control it?
if possible anyone who is comfortable with their addiction and has been using whatever substance please answer.
okay worth becoming “dependant” on a chemical as long as it makes them feel better and living productive lives.
okay is ANYONE comfortable using such and such substance for long periods of time to make themselves feel better,

Im not asking for the definition im asking if any of you do the above and are comfortable with it.

Best answer:

Answer by Justin M
The problem is that after awhile you cant control it.

Smoking is the worst, that is why so many people cant quit.

There is people that think it isnt controlling it. but it really is they just dont want to admit it.

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4 Responses to “Substance Addiction: Is It Worth It to Become Addicted to Anything as Long as You Can Control It?”

  • happygirl:

    That’s the whole concept behind “addiction” you can’t control it.

    Addition means “needing it without being able to control your need for it”.

  • Bobby Nevada:

    If that was the case, then your not really addicted, are you?
    I am assuming that if your addicted, you cant control yourself, hence the problem.

  • James W:

    The true definition of addiction is that you cannot control it. For example, when you look at AA, NA, GA, CA, etc., the first step says “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol and that our lives had become unmanageable.” This means just this. You cannot control an addiction. If you can, you are not an addict. And no, being an addiction specialist, it’s not something you take chances on.

  • Dave:

    by definition, you cannot be addicted to something and “control” it. the word addict means you are dependant on the substance. if you depend on it, you are not controlling it. so it is impossible to be addicted and in control, according to the way the english language works.