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Rehab Addict: What Do You Think of Steven Tyler Going Back to Rehab Again?

Question by Student02: What do you think of Steven Tyler going back to rehab again?
I know addiction is a disease but man, 60 years old and still doin it…wow.

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Answer by He At Her
I know that I will still sleep at night fine whether he deals with his problem or not.

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Treatment for Addiction: What Does This Say About Someone Who Loses Groups of Friends?

Question by Bookworm: What does this say about someone who loses groups of friends?
I had a friend who told me once she always lost her group of friends because “something always happened.” Without specifics I let it be, but I noticed she had a fall out with one group of friends (it was a religious organization and it was entirely female, so I thought there was a “Mean Girls” aspect to it.

Later on, though, this girl and I had a falling out and I watched as eventually the rest of our mutual group of friends tended to end the friendship or drift away from her.

Another friend of mine was relating how a high school classmate of ours did the same thing–had a falling out with her HS group of friends, made friends in college, then fell out with THAT group of friends and came back to some of her high school friends.

Addicted to Masturbation. Please Help?

Question by Phi: Addicted to masturbation. Please help?
I am 22 year old now, recently graduated college, and I have never had a girlfriend (so I am a virgin). I started masturbating when I was around 12 I think, and I’ve been doing it since then, albeit not so often. For the past few weeks however, I find myself always thinking about sex and looking at porn and masturbating a lot. I think I might be addicted now. I also suffer from social anxiety, shyness, sometimes depression, and I don’t have any friends or social life at all. I have tried stopping to masturbate and I find myself becoming extremely grumpy and angry, and not capable of doing other things. What should I do

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Answer by Chris
Just try to get a girlfriend. I know it seems hard at first, but just build up confidence, and then the rest will follow. Trust me, when u have a girlfriend, u dont have that urge.

How Long Do Tramadol Withdrawal Symptoms Last?

Question by m123: How long do tramadol withdrawal symptoms last?
I stopped using tramadol cold turkey (after heavy use for about a month) about 3 and a half weeks ago and I have no more actual “withdrawals” but I still feel severly depressed. I was not nearly this depressed before I started using tramadol. The week after I stopped I had thoughts of suicide, the depression was so bad. So how much longer is this depression supposed to last?

Anyone have any insight on this?

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Answer by Max
Tramadol is an opiate painkiller that is a derivative of heroin. It is a very difficult addiction to break, which is why so many people stay hooked. I’m not saying you are addicted, but it sounds like physically you were dependent upon the drug.

Suboxone: Does vs Mean or (Medication)?

Question by : Does VS mean OR (medication)?
What does Versus mean
EX: I’ve been asking my doctor to put me on Klonopin, I’m on Suboxone
He left me a voicemain saying Klonipin VS Suboxone
And that we’d finish our benzo conversation later
Any idea

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Answer by Chops369
Is this question for real? Versus means two things are competing. Your doctor wants to discuss the pros and cons of Klonopin and Suboxone before switching your prescription.

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19 and Being Sent to Drug Rehab , Advice? (Long)?

Question by Sir: 19 and being sent to drug rehab , advice? (long)?
Long story short i was told on by my cousin. She told my mom i have been using weed and prescription pills. I also use psychedelics etc. I do much research and learn as much as i can before using any drug. Such as lethal overdose, risky combos, death reports, and just a lot of various drug reports.. Mainly to provide harm reduction, obviously itll never be 100% safe.

Thing is ive been using mainly oxycodone, hydrocodone and clonazapan since march on and off. Ive used dxm to help moderate my tolerance, and if you know anything about opiates tolerance is a *****!!! Im still only using 20-40mg of oxy or hydro and just 1-2mg of clonze.