Treatment for Addiction: What Does This Say About Someone Who Loses Groups of Friends?

Question by Bookworm: What does this say about someone who loses groups of friends?
I had a friend who told me once she always lost her group of friends because “something always happened.” Without specifics I let it be, but I noticed she had a fall out with one group of friends (it was a religious organization and it was entirely female, so I thought there was a “Mean Girls” aspect to it.

Later on, though, this girl and I had a falling out and I watched as eventually the rest of our mutual group of friends tended to end the friendship or drift away from her.

Another friend of mine was relating how a high school classmate of ours did the same thing–had a falling out with her HS group of friends, made friends in college, then fell out with THAT group of friends and came back to some of her high school friends.

Thoughts? Insights?

Best answer:

Answer by mister ed
just sounds like a anti social person — there are a few scatter among us — most are harmless — they just find it hard to retain friendships!!!!

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