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Addiction Treatments: Has Anthony Weiner Emerged From Sex Addiction Rehab Yet?

Question by : Has Anthony Weiner emerged from sex addiction rehab yet?
When he took his leave he said he was going to “treatment”.

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Answer by The Mad Baron
He is a consultant for Obscurity Inc.

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Science and Evidence Based Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facility

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My Husband Wouldn’t Let Me Take His Debit Card to the Drugstore to Pick-Up a $20 Prescription!?

Question by ising4bling: My husband wouldn’t let me take his debit card to the drugstore to pick-up a prescription!?
I just so happened to have no cash on me and couldn’t find my debit card. The drugstore was closing in 20 minutes, so I asked for his card. He said “no…how do I know how much you’ll spend on it?” I told him I would bring him a receipt, that I was tired, and would come straight back…Even though he was lying on the couch heavily into a “guy” movie, he immediately grabbed his keys and said “C’mon, lets go get it!” I was so offended by his need to monitor me picking up my own prescription I got very upset and said “forget it, I’ll get it tomorrow”. He jumped in his car, took off and picked it up, stoppping at a ATM and bringing me $ 300 along with my script. I might have thought that was very nice, but I could have easily done the same thing alone, and he could have stayed on the couch! What makes things worse is that the next day he went to a casino (which is over an hour away) with his buddies at 4 pm and returned home at almost 10 pm. He walked in kinda drunk and gave me $ 1,100. I asked him if he won it, and he said “well kinda….” Which means he lost more than he won…which is at least a 2-3 times a week occurance. Plus the drinking and driving late at night for over an hour is to me, very reckless.
I am currently looking for employment so I’ll have my own money!! But he makes me feel like a child because I have to ask him for money, yet he spends recklessly on gambling, alcohol and hotel rooms when he doesn’t feel like coming home to face me and my distress. I’m not even sure what hotel he is at most of the time, but he swears he is NOT cheating, and I have done a lot of investigating and can find no evidence of cheating. He says he just loves the peace and quiet of a hotel room. But he could have the same at home if he wasn’t always doing things to hurt me, upset me, disrespect me, and basically abandon me in every way
My question is “What woman wouldn’t be upset by this kind of behavior and treatment”? Am I being TOO SENSITIVE? (He says I am) I never know when or if he is going to be home a lot of the time, but then he’ll turn around and throw $ 1,100 at me? He works very hard as an attorney…granted! But his need for constant “control” is making me feel extremely bad about myself.
*We have no shared bank accounts. I have no access to any funds.
I have 3 children, and have not worked in years because my husband wanting me to be home. Now my children are older and the school district I worked for as a school teacher years ago has a hiring freeze..letting teachers go. I cared for my ailing father for two years, who has now died, and I am now seriously considering taking any kind of employment.

I Am 90 Days Sober but Am So Annoyed at Some of Things I Hear in AA Meetings. Why?

Question by mike r: I am 90 days sober but am so annoyed at some of things I hear in AA meetings. Why?
Don’t get me wrong. It saved my life. I was drinking a handle bottle of booze everyday and smoking heroin and shooting oxycontin. I was on a quick road to death. But, there are a few things that annoy the crap out of me in EVERY meeting I go to. The use of such words as ‘normie’ and ‘I’m a grateful alcoholic’ and ‘in these walls’ or ‘in these rooms’ and when the literature person tells the meeting that there is reading material they can pick up from the rack and the whole group says ‘nice rack’ like it is funny or something. Or when the secretary asks if anyone can help clean up after the meeting has concluded and a bunch of nimrods all yell out ‘that’s the secretary’s job.’ I can’t forget to mention how many people overuse the ‘this disease is so cunning, baffling, powerful.’ Last, but certainly not least, is when they close with the Lord’s prayer and the person says ‘who’s father?’ then the group starts the ‘Our Father who….’ Anyway, I’m just rambling on and on but I wish people didn’t have to be so stereotypical AA dorks. It gets so annoying. Have some originality and quit being a robot like everyone else.

Alcohol Abuse Treatment: Alcoholics Anonymous Open Meetings?

Question by charli_red1218: Alcoholics Anonymous open meetings?
I am not an alcoholic before someone puts that in their answers, I have to find and attend and open meeting so I can report on it in one of my classes. Im just wondering if anyone knows what goes on at an open meeting do I have to speak and tell them about myself? Or is it okay to not speak?

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Answer by Clamshell 19
They have anonymity. It’s one of their rules.
Maybe if you explain what you want …
But you are violating their privacy. I don’t
think I would say anything…just go. They
have to respect your privacy. Good Luck
I’d try to find a large meeting, your less
likely to be asked anything.

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Peter M. – AA Speaker – “The Sacred Rooms Saved Me” NEW 2013

Alcohol Abuse Treatment: Alcoholic … Genetic?…. and Help?

Question by JJC08082: alcoholic … genetic?…. and help?
Other than professional help and seeking out AA meetings, what can you do on your own to stop drinking alcohol? Also, what are the main signs of an alcoholic to you and is it generic?

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Answer by [email protected]
An alchololic will drink at any time, day or night – even first thing in the morning. Ongoing over months and years.

The only one who can really help them to stop is themselves. Others can advise, but that is all.

I`m not sure about your `generic` question – but yes, the sign of someone being an alcoholic are pretty common.

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Alcohol Abuse Treatment: SSRI Depression Pills Make You Feel Like?

Question by 5star: SSRI Depression pills make you feel like?
Im thinking about getting on a type of SSRI. SSRI’s are like prosac,paxil,lexapro….Whats they make you feel like and act?

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Answer by sonyvet2002
each medicine you described has side effects, ESPECIALLY if you missed doses. I have tried many and Prozac help me the most with no side effects. The Serotonin in these meds help to replace the missing Seratonin your brain is missing so after while you will begin to feel more “relaxed” and “normal”.

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Chris’ Story

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