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How Do I Help Her Help Her Self?

Question by <3 tember <3: how do i help her help her self?
so my boyfriend of 3yr’s mom is an alcoholic.. she is an amazing person, nice, giving, friendly(honestly will talk to anyone), Curtious, truthful (even when it hurts), etc. but has had a troubleling past with abuse physical and mentally which lead her to drinking… last labor day.. she said that she that was the last day of her drinking… she was gonna cut cold turkey, she already talked to her dr. and was going to group/one on one meetings to help her.. well after a month we found out she was sneaking beer when no one was home… or when she thought we weren’t looking.. she hid them in her bathroom, and drank from a Styrofoam cup w/ lid (we couldn’t see threw).. then on her birthday.. yestureday… she said that she wanted to have a few drinks b/c it was her b-day (she doesnt know that we know she drank before this day) so she bought the beer… not 1 six pack but 2 wich means she planed on drinking 12… wich up set me b/c i hate to see her put her self threw this.. she did so well and now it is back to step one… i understand her relapsing is normal and i knew it would happen.. but after watching her take beer after beer yesterday… and then seeing her pass out while we were watching a movie… i heard her opening a can in her bedroom today 🙁 it tear’s me up inside and i know it is hurting her kids.. they dont know she drank to day tho.. by bf was at work and i took the brothers out to the store and stuff… i wrote her a letter… just telling her that were here for her. and that it hurts me that she is sneaking around and lieing to us…/ not trusting us so she can confide in us… and let her know how much it is hurting the boys… she is not a bad drunk as in violent.. she is annoying but not bad… our main concern is that it is killing her.. u can see it…taking a toll on her… so i just need some suggestions/ advise…
have u ever had to deal with an alcoholic or were you one…
how’d u get over it?/ deal with it?

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Answer by Sexy me
A family and friend intervention.

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Addiction Treatment Programs: Drug Test Used H, Please Help!?

Question by RKiZDop3: Drug test used H, Please help!?
Please don’t judge me. I Relapsed i am not proud of it but i got out of jail and was very stressed and sick, i know not an excuse. I had been withdrawling since wednesday and did not use at all since then
Last use was Wednesday around 3:00, I am being tested by my P.O. tomorrow (Monday at 10:00AM) I am very very skinny, 6’1 about 135 pounds. I was in jail because i failed my last test, I used on a friday and failed on a monday, but i used late friday night and had been using a ton that week and the week before.

Please help, and don’t judge me, i know how ****** up it is but it is an addiction.

It will be about 5 days, am i straight?

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My Husband Is an Alcoholic. I Need Help and I Don’t Like Al-Anon?

Question by Miss Informed: My husband is an alcoholic. I need help and I don’t like Al-Anon?
He has agreed again that he’ll stop drinking. He’s drinking 1/2 a liter of vodka, in addition to beer, wine or whatever else he can find, in a day. Last night, between the hours of 7pm and 3am he drank all but about a cup of 50% alcohol vodka from a 750ml bottle. He was also drinking hard cider.
I’m totally disgusted, frustrated, hurt and angry. I’m tired of making excuses for him and giving things up because of his drinking. I’m embarrassed angry because he lets it control him and it affects everything. He was even called out on it at work. I can’t bring myself to drink alcohol because I’m afraid it will either trigger him or make him feel like it’s ok to drink. I feel guilty though because he really can’t seem to control it, no matter how much he insists he can.
I’m really sick of it. It’s noon and he’s still sleeping it off.
I don’t like Al-Anon’s 12 steps. I think more personal responsibility needs to be taken. What do I do?!
Wow. Maybe I looked at the wrong 12 steps. The ones I looked at basically talked about how we, as “victims” of alcohol, are powerless against it.

Is AA Any Good? What Are the Benefits?

Question by GenericMan: Is AA any good? What are the benefits?
Do the AA meetings work etc? I have been to ONE meeting and found the people there either to be pathetic, highly insecure, neurotic (in the case of a woman there), blissed out on some buddhist mumbo jumbo, lying or just a bit stupid. I think it’s good for me as I walked out of there thinking ‘Wow, I’m glad I’m not like any of those losers’. The whole idea of ‘higher power’ sounds stupid to me – I have no spiritual feelings at all and find religion to be totally retarded. Also the idea of saying ‘Hi I’m John and I’m an alcoholic’ – it’s stupid, like constantly bashing yourself over the head with this ‘problem’ when you don’t want to have the problem, just want to move away from it.
I will probably go to another meeting because as I said it reinforces that I am much better than the lowlifes I meet there.
Sober: Nearly seven months.
Method: The White-Knuckled-Roller-Coaster-of-Fear.

Myspace Graphics, That Say “MY ADDICTION”?

Question by Ashley;Nicole: Myspace Graphics, that say “MY ADDICTION”?
Im lookin for a graphic that says “my addiction”.. i want it for my myspace profile.. and i know theres sum out there cuz my friend used to have one.. buttt she forgot where she got it. Sooo, codes and links would be awsome!! Thankss!!


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Answer by ???? ²·o
go to google images, or photobucket and type “my addiction” into the search box

i just tried it and found lots of images like that

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Who Will Be the Starting Power Forward for the Bulls While Carlos Boozer Is Out?

Question by derrick rose is the next legend: who will be the starting power forward for the bulls while carlos boozer is out?

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Answer by chiko
taj gibson

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