Addiction Treatment Programs: Drug Test Used H, Please Help!?

Question by RKiZDop3: Drug test used H, Please help!?
Please don’t judge me. I Relapsed i am not proud of it but i got out of jail and was very stressed and sick, i know not an excuse. I had been withdrawling since wednesday and did not use at all since then
Last use was Wednesday around 3:00, I am being tested by my P.O. tomorrow (Monday at 10:00AM) I am very very skinny, 6’1 about 135 pounds. I was in jail because i failed my last test, I used on a friday and failed on a monday, but i used late friday night and had been using a ton that week and the week before.

Please help, and don’t judge me, i know how ****** up it is but it is an addiction.

It will be about 5 days, am i straight?

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Answer by Christian in Jesus
This is cruel and unusual treatment for the courts to expect for your addiction to just disappear knowing the dangers and suffering involved in withdrawal. While you are thinking in a reasonable fashion enroll into a detox treatment designed for your type of addiction. Quite naturally I don’t have any confidence or respect for a PO that would require you to test clean, just because you got out of jail. When you are clean, you are passed the physical and psychological affects of the drug. The drug can no longer be regarded as a part of your life. It can’t be regarded ever as an option. Until you get to this point, you are not clean. It is still causing destruction in your system. Sobriety is a gift from God. It is a new life. Once you can plan your new life, this stuff will seem so stupid, you won’t even think about it.

Just tell the PO that you need a program, if one is available, or can he offer a referral. This is a source that explains what is available. There are several programs online just surf “Opiate detox Program”. We need to get out of here!

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