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My Boyfriend Is Selling Weed at His job.I Took the Weed Out of His Coat and Got Yelled At?

Question by church k: My boyfriend is selling weed at his job.I took the weed out of his coat and got yelled at?
My boyfriend that I do everything for yelled at me today for taking weed out of this coat,that was my coat that I gave him. I was taking my kids to school and I could not find my new coat so I just put on his coat–you would think no big deal -right well I found weed in the coat. I took it out because of driving in the car-right. Well he is selling weed at his job and the guy who is buying it showed up to get-no weed in pocket right, so my boyfriend calls me on the phone and asks where is the weed? I said I took it out and put it on the computer desk–I told him I didn’t know-sorry, He was very mean to me and said -DO NOT TOUCH MY STUFF ANY MORE AND I MEAN IT! I always wash his clothes-pick up after him and etc. He made me cry over weed. I do not understand we have been to together for 6 years. Why he talked to me that way.

What Kind of Mental Dr Should I Go to to Be Prescribed Meds but Also Someone Who Is a Counsler?

Question by Whole: What kind of mental Dr should I go to to be prescribed meds but also someone who is a counsler?
Clinical Neurophysiology
Geriatric Psychiatry
Child Psychiatry
Psychiatric Nurse
Psychiatry, Neurology
Social Worker
Substance Abuse Treatment
Behavioral Health Provider
Psychiatric Technician

These are my options. I went to a psychiatrist once but I didnt like how he made me feel, I told him about having suicidal thoughts and everything but it was just so cold, and made me feel uncomfortable Id rather have someone that is more trained to… well… be more humanitarian? He just made me feel stupid

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Answer by B. Garni
In all the US states I have lived in, you must be a Medical Doctor (or Nurse Practitioner) to prescribe meds. So, you can rule out anything other than those two.

Dealing With an Alcoholic?

Question by Katelyn R: Dealing with an alcoholic?
I have falling deeply in love with an alcoholic. I have been dealing with him being drunk EVERY single night for the past year. I have grown very tired of this. So for New Year’s he stopped drinking. And now it is night three and he says he is going to go to the store to buy his whiskey to just drink for tonight. Do you think it is ok to tell him I am leaving him if he takes one more sip? I ask because I know alcohlism is a disease. I know no one is perfect. I figure if he takes one sip he will just want more and more. What do you think? Should I leave him if he drinks any alcohol.

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Answer by slipknot01299
buy him nonalcoholic beer

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Drug Use Help for My Daughter?

Question by : Drug use help for my daughter?
My oldest daughter (17) has been trying to experiment with drugs for the past few months. I’ve noticed when she is home alone certain inhalant objects seem to disappear into her room (hair spray- nail polish- white out- sharpies) what should I do?

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Answer by Jim
i am in recovery and i can tell u that stuff burns out brain cells quick do something with taking away everthing

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Certified Substance Abuse Counselor: Ms, Ncac II, Cadac II, Icac II??

Question by tangerine: ms, ncac II, cadac II, icac II??
What do these stand for?

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Can You Go to the Army on Juvenile Probation… but I’m 18?

Question by Jordan Elliston: Can you go to the army on juvenile probation… but i’m 18?
i”m 18 now i got arrested when I was 17 my charge was possession under 20 grams of marijuana and there giving me 1year probation with 6 o’clock curfew and if i don”t violate in 6months the i”m off is it possible for the army to waive this

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Answer by brandilee
its possible, you need to talk to a recruiter.

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