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Signs of Substance Abuse: Who Is Chris Andersen ????????

Question by leong soon pooi: Who is Chris Andersen ????????

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Answer by Lambino
“Birdman”… Nuggets

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This PBS medical series explores illnesses one at a time and features a panel of physicians and other experts assessing individual cases. Major advancements …


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Can I Join the Marines if I’ve Had a Labral Repair?

Question by Devin R.: can I join the marines if I’ve had a labral repair?
its been a bout eight months since my surgey, two since my final checkup. I’ve already had to back out because of another disqualifier, (A misdiagnosis that we couldnt get all that we documentation for since that doctors refused to meet with me.) only one doctor believed I had Bi Polar disorder but they wouldnt meet with me to talk about a re-eval and stuff. Anyways, I told my recruiter id wait till after college cause he kinda implied that we would leave things out of my meps paperwork and I would have to lie when the doctors asked me at meps. Its not that I think I have it or anything but I cant just hide shit, Its against my morals. What is the Marines view of having a Labral Repair? It’s an arthoscopic surgery/

Can You Work in the Field of Mental Health Counseling When Youre Not the Definition of Perfect Mental Health?

Question by Mint: Can you work in the field of mental health counseling when youre not the definition of perfect mental health?
I know with substance abuse counselers, people who have had addictions and are sober for at least 2 years can become counselors and often they get hired alot because they know what its like.

I am not mentally unstable, but i do have anxiety, im paranoid and a hypochondriac, and i constantly worry that i could be crazy. I know alot of people worry about that though, and the point is I can function fine in everyday life. So if I’m not the definition of perfect mental stability, but I am just fine with functioning and my life, so can I be one?

Like if youve ever received counseling, they wouldnt hold that against you when becomming a mental health counselor yourself right?

Substance Abuse Treatment: Rehab for Wellbutrin???

Question by ~*Girly Girl*~: Rehab for Wellbutrin???
My family is trying to send me to a one year long rehab program because I am clinically depressed. I am currently on Wellbutrin and have had great results other than a little lost sleep. They are acting like this is a condition I am making up, and are claiming it to be a chemical dependency. Can anyone see a bright side to this? Because I’m struggling!
There are no details I am keeping out. I would not come to yahoo answers and make something up. What good would that do me? I would really just like to know if anyone can justilfy what they are saying/trying to do.

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Answer by dtwladyhawk
See your psychiatrist immediately. You may need something added to the Wellbutrin for sleep. This is not a situation that needs a 1 yr. rehab for unless you are not being honest.

Substance Abuse Treatment: Why Are Some Cases of Depression Untreatable?

Question by j t: Why are some cases of depression untreatable?

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Answer by arfblat
“Several factors may contribute to treatment failure, including undiagnosed or misdiagnosed medical conditions such as hypothyroidism and anemia. Therefore, the patient who does not respond or only partially responds to an antidepressant should first be reassessed to make sure the original diagnosis of depression was correct. Also, nonpsychiatric drugs such as methyldopa (Aldomet), beta blockers and reserpine (Serpasil) can cause or exacerbate depression. In addition, comorbid disorders (e.g., eating disorders, substance abuse or dependence) may affect treatment response. Psychotic depression, bipolar depression and atypical depression are depressive subtypes that may require concurrent pharmacotherapy such as antipsychotic or augmentative psychotherapy.4 Finally, adverse effects and poor compliance may be additional obstacles to successful treatment.”

Mental Health Counselor?

Question by : Mental Health Counselor?
to be a Mental Health Counselor which courses do i have to take?? what degrees do i need? and which colleges are good??
btw i want to be a therapist.
i want to help people who have emotional problems including thoughts of suicide, family probs and other stuff….

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Answer by Rita
Well there are actually lots of different counselors. You didn’t say which type you’re interested in becoming, but I’ll find some information to help you..

Therapist — “Therapist” is another name for “counselor.” Therapists are people who use counseling to treat mental, emotional and nervous illnesses. Counseling is also called “psychotherapy.” Therapists can be psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers or other professional counselors trained in mental health.