What Kind of Mental Dr Should I Go to to Be Prescribed Meds but Also Someone Who Is a Counsler?

Question by Whole: What kind of mental Dr should I go to to be prescribed meds but also someone who is a counsler?
Clinical Neurophysiology
Geriatric Psychiatry
Child Psychiatry
Psychiatric Nurse
Psychiatry, Neurology
Social Worker
Substance Abuse Treatment
Behavioral Health Provider
Psychiatric Technician

These are my options. I went to a psychiatrist once but I didnt like how he made me feel, I told him about having suicidal thoughts and everything but it was just so cold, and made me feel uncomfortable Id rather have someone that is more trained to… well… be more humanitarian? He just made me feel stupid

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Answer by B. Garni
In all the US states I have lived in, you must be a Medical Doctor (or Nurse Practitioner) to prescribe meds. So, you can rule out anything other than those two.

Although, I have never met a Nurse Practitioner who worked with a Psychiatrist, so I’m not sure if Nurse Practitioner is a viable option here.

There has been talk about a designation that would allow “Counselors” to prescribe drugs associated with the mental health field, but I don’t know if it has actually been implemented anywhere.

The best place to start is with a counselor–many counselors work with psychiatrists and can get you into see the psychiatrists sooner than on your own. Many counselors would also be happy to work with your family physician(who can prescribe any drug), so you don’t really have to see a psychiatrist at all (although I’d recommend it). So, in short, go to the counselor for counseling and go to the Psychiatrist or Doctor for meds.

A good counselor to see, I believe, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. There is a little extra training that they receive that I feel would be beneficial.

If you are having problems, a good LMFT is trained to consider your entire situation, not just your symptoms. You are a whole person and many times MD’s and psychiatrists only see you as a set of symptoms. I’m sorry for that. But it does happen.

Good for you for firing your Psychiatrist! Doctors and Counselors are not infallible and there are bad ones out there.

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