Certified Substance Abuse Counselor: Ms, Ncac II, Cadac II, Icac II??

Question by tangerine: ms, ncac II, cadac II, icac II??
What do these stand for?

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Answer by Megumi D
MS = Master of Sciences, a Masters degree in psychology or another field. Sometimes, a university gives an MA (Master of Arts) in psychology. Same “masters-level” clinical degree. The others are all acronyms for addictions/alcohol/ substance abuse counselor certifications, which are not to be confused with licensure. Each of the certifications has different requirements for giving the certificate, and each differs as to what degrees (if any), hours of clinical practicum (if any), and whether a written or oral exam is administered. The certifying body is not regulated by a governmental agency. On the other hand, marriage & family therapists, clinical social workers, psychologsts, and physicians must all meet stringent requirements for state licensure, which require written and oral examinations, many hours of clinical practice, and supervision by a licensed clinician. The licenses are granted by the governmental jurisdiction in which one wishes to practice, and licensees are required to have malpractice insurance when they practice. Each of the acronyms is for a level of certification through the NAADAC, which is, in my opinion, reputable, and they do require some amount of classwork. (Although I don’t know about the ICAC certification). You can find the NAADAC online at http://naadac.org. Myself, and many of my colleagues, have not obtained certification through these bodies because we are licensed in our disciplines, and our licenses are the best form of assurance to our clients and patients that we are reliable and reputable because one can always check online with the state as to the licensee’s status–whether there have been complaints filed, if the license is in good standing, etc. Several years ago, when the NAADAC first began to offer its MAC certification, they sent letters to licensees in MFT, CSW, and psychology, offering to give us the MAC for a fee without any specialized coursework because the certificate was new. I don’t know of anyone who took them up on their offer.

A license is given by the state in which one practices, and there is also a “Licensed Counselor”, a masters-level designation, that is available in some states but not in California or Hawaii, where I am most familiar with the mental health licensure systems. Hope this helps!

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  • westoexpresso:

    Being a recovering addict who will be celebrating 13 years clean on Jan 24
    2014 I happened to run across this link on Facebook. I used on Bragg &
    East and now work as a certified substance abuse counselor at the end of
    Bragg St at NCCIW prison. Who would have thought that a few steps from
    were I should have died I now give hope and life to others. I will
    continue following the production and work of this fine public servants
    efforts to get this movie and story told. Thank God for the work you and
    he are doing in our community. There is HOPE after dope. I’m a living
    miracle and there are more of us out there who need to be found.?

  • Ghost Warrior:

    This city iz destroying the black communities chavis heights ,walnut
    terrance an all over restore black business since of unity an you will be
    surprised that most of South Raleigh is owned by the wealth politican who
    knew if they bought the land cheat when they kick everyone out they could
    sell back to the city at a profit.

  • Pam Saulsby:

    dellinj.. I “feel” what you’re saying and most of your points are valid.
    Thanks for sharing your point of view. On the surface you might feel “brady
    bunch” when you see the police officer behind the film. If you knew more
    about his background, I think you would feel differently. He mentioned
    nothing about “gentrification”. He wants to use the neighborhood as the
    back drop for the movie plot… while helping the people right where they
    are. it’s just getting going.. so let’s see what happens

  • Mike Smith:

    I miss seeing Pam Saulsby on WRAL

  • Pam Saulsby:

    MsThedetective: If you are like me, you can’t wait to see this project
    flesh out. I am so impressed with Robert. HIs mind and his heart. Thank you.

  • Ghost Warrior:

    I was born an raised on bragg st when there were manicured lawns an people
    spoke to one another an there was a local softball team buckeyes an
    montgumery tile owned by my uncle. There was black owned business Mr.Biggs
    store an aresturant the Soul Bowl . People sold dinners on Sundays to get
    by. It was the South Park home sweet home to me. Drugs slowly took over
    this beautiful commumity an the city should by an watched. This community
    is a result of the city not supporting black business .

  • Ghost Warrior:

    An pam i caught u once at a jazz bar downtown was shock your very good an
    the show was relaxing but would have been even better to have that show in
    inner city raleigh to inspire some young girl or boy you can be more then a
    dope boy or prostitute.

  • Pam Saulsby:

    Thank you for your comment BartmanMC. This Monday, on September 17th, I
    will start a new job.. back on tv.. at NBC 17 news. Please watch. 🙂

  • Ghost Warrior:

    Now the city wants to tear Bragg st down an move whites in. An bring some
    college taught brady bunch cop in who knows nothing of coming home to drug
    addiction. Thats why the people angry this would never happen in North
    Raleigh there 4 stores with in walking distance on Bragg st. In Cary in
    neighborhoods that make 6 figure salaries there only one store an you cant
    walk to the next one. An the business is no longer black owned itz a Arab
    who makes the money takes it out of the community.