My Boyfriend Is Selling Weed at His job.I Took the Weed Out of His Coat and Got Yelled At?

Question by church k: My boyfriend is selling weed at his job.I took the weed out of his coat and got yelled at?
My boyfriend that I do everything for yelled at me today for taking weed out of this coat,that was my coat that I gave him. I was taking my kids to school and I could not find my new coat so I just put on his coat–you would think no big deal -right well I found weed in the coat. I took it out because of driving in the car-right. Well he is selling weed at his job and the guy who is buying it showed up to get-no weed in pocket right, so my boyfriend calls me on the phone and asks where is the weed? I said I took it out and put it on the computer desk–I told him I didn’t know-sorry, He was very mean to me and said -DO NOT TOUCH MY STUFF ANY MORE AND I MEAN IT! I always wash his clothes-pick up after him and etc. He made me cry over weed. I do not understand we have been to together for 6 years. Why he talked to me that way.

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Answer by shelly
dump him immediately……

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