Alcohol Abuse Treatment: SSRI Depression Pills Make You Feel Like?

Question by 5star: SSRI Depression pills make you feel like?
Im thinking about getting on a type of SSRI. SSRI’s are like prosac,paxil,lexapro….Whats they make you feel like and act?

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Answer by sonyvet2002
each medicine you described has side effects, ESPECIALLY if you missed doses. I have tried many and Prozac help me the most with no side effects. The Serotonin in these meds help to replace the missing Seratonin your brain is missing so after while you will begin to feel more “relaxed” and “normal”.

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4 Responses to “Alcohol Abuse Treatment: SSRI Depression Pills Make You Feel Like?”

  • dancer55:

    Normal, lighter like a heavy burden has lifted off you, and more energetic.
    Before I started the SSRI’s I felt like I lived in a dark world with no light. The meds made me feel as if I had stepped out of the dark into a sunny day. I knew what happiness felt like again.

  • odelay:

    i’ve been taking paxil for over 9 years now for anxiety/panic attacks/depression and it has helped me become a functional person. the only thing that sucks is the weight gain. no matter what the doctors tell you you will gain some weight on it and its hard to take off because the pills affect your metabolism. i would rather be chunky then live with anxiety all the time though lol!

  • C'est La Vie ???:

    They made me feel like a new person.

    I started taking Paxil a few months ago from what my therapist thought was either OCD,GAD and major depression.

    It literally changed all the bad out of my life and all the sudden I was ding things I wouldn’t have dared do before i started taking the medicine.

    Different things work for different people,but they aren’t all evil like people think they are,they helped me tremendously.

  • skackles:

    ssri’s make my hyper, iriitable and gives me the “dont give a f*ck attitude.” while on ad’s i made alot of bad choices because they mess with your logic. I dont know why but these drugs are disgraceful. Now i tried 5-htp oin the other hand and it made me feel refreshed and relieved alot of my hardcore anxiety. Srri’s block serotonin from being absorbed which keeps more around..seems like a good thing but you have to remeber since all that extra serotonin is being kept there to stimulate serotonin receptors your brain will produce less and less serotonin because of the constant amount available. So if your brain starts decreasing serotonin production then how can that help depression and believe me it will screw you up in the long run