Alcohol Abuse Treatment: Alcoholics Anonymous Open Meetings?

Question by charli_red1218: Alcoholics Anonymous open meetings?
I am not an alcoholic before someone puts that in their answers, I have to find and attend and open meeting so I can report on it in one of my classes. Im just wondering if anyone knows what goes on at an open meeting do I have to speak and tell them about myself? Or is it okay to not speak?

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Answer by Clamshell 19
They have anonymity. It’s one of their rules.
Maybe if you explain what you want …
But you are violating their privacy. I don’t
think I would say anything…just go. They
have to respect your privacy. Good Luck
I’d try to find a large meeting, your less
likely to be asked anything.

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One Response to “Alcohol Abuse Treatment: Alcoholics Anonymous Open Meetings?”

  • johnocreagh:

    The good news is that Alcoholics Anonymous is just that, anonymous, despite what you may have heard about Lindsay Lohan.

    Most “Beginners” meetings are open meetings and some discussion meetings are open as well.

    Everyone is welcome, there is nothing to sign, you don’t need to speak to anyone. You might find yourself interested in asking questions, though, and if you do, approach anyone and ask away.

    Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are generally pretty positive environments, and you might even enjoy yourself.

    Feel free to send me an e-mail if I can be of any further help.