19 and Being Sent to Drug Rehab , Advice? (Long)?

Question by Sir: 19 and being sent to drug rehab , advice? (long)?
Long story short i was told on by my cousin. She told my mom i have been using weed and prescription pills. I also use psychedelics etc. I do much research and learn as much as i can before using any drug. Such as lethal overdose, risky combos, death reports, and just a lot of various drug reports.. Mainly to provide harm reduction, obviously itll never be 100% safe.

Thing is ive been using mainly oxycodone, hydrocodone and clonazapan since march on and off. Ive used dxm to help moderate my tolerance, and if you know anything about opiates tolerance is a *****!!! Im still only using 20-40mg of oxy or hydro and just 1-2mg of clonze.

Ive taken many breaks and never experienced withdrawls, not trying to justify my use just saying im not physically addicted. I am 19 and no one really noticed anything wrong with me ; personality wise, family , school etc has all been the same. Even while sober.
But i am 19 in college and still living at home.. My mom is against anything that “alters your mind” she hates weed too. Ive been seeing a therapist about once a week and hes been trying to help me find other things to do, he said he cant figure out why i do drugs, usually he can tell but he said with me its a mystery.

Hell i just like the high, its a great feeling. My family is worried ima end up dead..
But since march fam has tried to get me to quit it all, and i really dont want to. I went two and a half weeks cold turkey to show i would be fine without it. But since they caught me high several times still, i believe my mom is trying to get me inpatient therapy. She is also taking me to a church counselor which i think is retarded.
But i guess im staying several days to weeks in this therapy, but i feel like its a waste of time if i dont wanna quit using at the moment. Am i righ or what? Can anyone relate??

Im young so i wanna enjoy the highs while i can, once i graduate and get a job i wont be able to..
Ive used and mainly like weed, spice, dxm,lsa, mdma, alcohol, oxy, hydro, and clonze (benzos). They also worry cuz i mix opiates and benzos which i know is horrible but i try to keep the doses low on the benzos just 1mg with my opiate of choice. Just want some advice its killing my relationship with my mom, i just feel like at 19 she should let me have the choice.. She still wont let me drink lol

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Answer by Ian
Idc I’m here for the 2 points. Have a nice day.

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3 Responses to “19 and Being Sent to Drug Rehab , Advice? (Long)?”

  • jim:

    Your addicted. You need to get treatment for your addiction.

    The first sign of addiction is saying “I’m not an addict”. And all your ramblings only prove your addiction.

    If you don’t get treatment now, the next step will be waking up 30 years from now in a jail cell, and then the court system will force you into treatment.

  • oldgoat:

    Well I found a spot to get in my answer. You are normal. They are nuts and addicted to fear of what they can not understand or what someone else has told them with no experience to make their own judgements That is called cowardice. They want to take you and send you to people they are told understand. They make no effort on their own to understand. Typical of religion/faith based lives bowing to a book written by others who claim it to be divine while all else must be evil and wrong. Convert to Islam or Buddha on the outside for them (to blow their minds. Must be– SATAN?) but be yourself and free to what you believe inside and outside for the rest of the world.
    But some bad news sugar. Their house, their bucks, their check that pay the bills, their way.
    Or find the job where they don’t urine test (or pass an initial one) and live in fear you’ll be randomly chosen, for some reason, some day, before it is legal, maybe eventually, and pay your own way. 19 is a fine age to see the world. A terrible age to end up is deep doo- doo with no family to fall back on.
    Go their way, play by their rules be virginally unquestionably, Mary Poppins follow the rules as though your life depends on it for the next 4 or 5 years (it sort of will) and do as you will when you graduate “Acting College” if you even know who you are any more. They sell at home drug tests everywhere, particularly for weed, available at most dollar stores. Be prepared to give a monthly sample even if you do their little stint at Lose Yourself (or mind) State prison rehab institute. They’ll want to see the results of their sacrifice the family made for you and remind you of their costs quite often. You after all, to their mind, will have given up nothing but a bad life threatening habit.

    “We saved our baby, wasn’t it worth it? See her fetch, roll over, play dead. Oh but they taught her well at that rehab to pay dead, it was the first trick she did when she came home”

    Dont shave your head and get tattoo’s just to rebel either. Be true to you. They can never take that from you. It can only be given away…

    Didn’t answer s**t did I? I did, though. That last little bit. Best of luck

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