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I Took Tramadol for 9 Days to Get Me Through Opiate Withdrawl?

Question by robyn p: I took tramadol for 9 days to get me through opiate withdrawl?
It’s been 10 days since I’ve eaten an opiate and 2 days since I took tramadol. I’m so weak and feel awful. Did I prolong my withdrawal? When will it stop? I thought after 10 days I was feeling good. Now what?!

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Answer by Emily
May I ask how long you've been using opiates? And are you under 25yo?
Tramadol probably didn't prolong your withdrawal, perhaps it numbed the painful effects. How long you'll be feeling this way depends upon how long you've used, your tolerance and age. I've a friend who was a long time opiate user who's just getting off, because he was started on them (by a doctor) young, it's been 20 years of agony to get off.
What I suggest is you drink ginger tea for the nausea (or you could use meds like gravol), and you could brew poppy seed tea to try to wean yourself. Some poppy seeds have been rinsed of the opioid-cannabanoid that rests on the outside of the seed, so this may not work first try. While I don't condone recreational drug use, weed can be very helpful in the recovery process, if need be. I wish you the best in your recovery.

What Is Opiate: Will Morphine Show Up as an Opiate?

Question by C: will morphine show up as an opiate?

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Answer by LJ
yes…morphine is a refined derivative from the opium poppy plant (hence, “opiate”)…as is codeine and heroin…
oxycodone and hydrocodone are semi-sythethetic opiates
(see link below)

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Suboxone: Who Is a Good Doctor Who Can Offer Suboxone Treatment in Orange County CA?

Question by FiddleFaddlexyz: Who is a good doctor who can offer suboxone treatment in orange county CA?
I do not have insurance so I need to know that the first doctor I try will be a good one. I don’t know where to start. Thanks.

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Answer by Lone
Good doctors don’t offer Suboxone maintenance…A good doctor sends you to an inpatient facility where they use suboxone for a week to 10 days only and they send you home clean. Suboxone “therapy” is just replacing one opiate with another. it doesn’t fix anything, and it only makes your world better for a short time. Then when the Suboxone stops working, and it will, you will have a worse addiction than you started with, and a much longer detox.

Talk to some people who used Suboxone and are now clean…if you can find any.

Suboxone: How to Stop My Opiate Addiction?

Question by Bob Job: How to stop my Opiate addiction?
I have been using opiates for over a year now, sometimes with a perscription sometimes with out. Oxycontin has been my main obsticle and being that it nearly costs a dollar a milligram it can cost up to $ 100 just for one day. I have not been using everyday but every chance I get money thats where almost all of it goes. My mom is aware of this addiction and I have been trying to stress to her that this is a very hard one to break. I have used marijuana, adderall, benzodiazapines, and other perscription medicine. Opiates have this grab on me that is very hard to quit.

What Is Opiate: Do Percacet and Loratab Show Up as the Same on a Blood Test?

Question by dalty: do percacet and loratab show up as the same on a blood test?

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Answer by Audrey B
no because a percocet is oxycodone/apap, a lortab is hydrocodone/apap a much milder painkiller compared to oxy

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Opiate Withdrawals: How Long Does Morphine Withdrawal Last?

Question by romana: how long does morphine withdrawal last?
because I had bowel disease and had surgery removing the sigmoid colon and other damaged parts ,uterus and bladder,I was on zomorph ,oramorph [morphine]for over 10 years,eventually being prescribed larger doses [up to 100mg],under care of a pain management team. I have cut down to 10mg[on my own] and experienced terrible withdrawl ,weeks later I feel achey still,insomnia ,anxiety,bruising,blue hands,palpatations ,is this still the withdrawal and will it ever get better,it is so bad,thinking of just taking it again to stop this,feeling really disheartened,my gp would prefer me to still take it to keep it in my system incase of another rip or perforation ,but would rather have some sort of life and take it ,when it happens ,any advice ,so welcome.

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