Addicted to Masturbation. Please Help?

Question by Phi: Addicted to masturbation. Please help?
I am 22 year old now, recently graduated college, and I have never had a girlfriend (so I am a virgin). I started masturbating when I was around 12 I think, and I’ve been doing it since then, albeit not so often. For the past few weeks however, I find myself always thinking about sex and looking at porn and masturbating a lot. I think I might be addicted now. I also suffer from social anxiety, shyness, sometimes depression, and I don’t have any friends or social life at all. I have tried stopping to masturbate and I find myself becoming extremely grumpy and angry, and not capable of doing other things. What should I do

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Answer by Chris
Just try to get a girlfriend. I know it seems hard at first, but just build up confidence, and then the rest will follow. Trust me, when u have a girlfriend, u dont have that urge.

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4 Responses to “Addicted to Masturbation. Please Help?”

  • Safwan:

    Think about lemonparty (naked old men shagging) whenever you get the urge and that should gross you out well enough. Google it if picturing it in your head isn;t enough

  • Joseph:

    Try to get to know a girl and after a while she’ll become your girlfriend

  • Josh:

    dont fee lsorry, every guy is addicted to masturbate, even who has a girlfriend. By the way, you should get one.

  • Isabelle:

    get laid, after you feel the touch of a vagina it wont ever be the same.