Suboxone: Does vs Mean or (Medication)?

Question by : Does VS mean OR (medication)?
What does Versus mean
EX: I’ve been asking my doctor to put me on Klonopin, I’m on Suboxone
He left me a voicemain saying Klonipin VS Suboxone
And that we’d finish our benzo conversation later
Any idea

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Answer by Chops369
Is this question for real? Versus means two things are competing. Your doctor wants to discuss the pros and cons of Klonopin and Suboxone before switching your prescription.

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2 Responses to “Suboxone: Does vs Mean or (Medication)?”

  • The Big K:

    Depending on how he phrased it, he could have meant that in his mind it is suboxone versus klonopin. (Basically I am only going to prescribe one – so pick your poison). Or he could have meant something like “For your condition, I have to weigh the benefits of adding/prescribing klonopin to what your are currently taking:suboxone”

    The only person that knows what he meant for sure is your doctor, so wait until your appointment and discuss it with him. All we can give you is idle speculation as we did not witness the conversation, nor are you giving us his entire statement.

  • kristi Balibrera:

    What do you do if you take suboxone and have major surgery? I have an l5 S1
    fusion coming up and scared my post op pain won’t be taken care of. My
    husband will be in charge of any opaites after surgery as well. ?