Arthritis Advice?

Question by Claire: Arthritis advice?
I have recently been diagnosed with arthritis, having been to the doctor complaining of a pain in my left thumb and joint. Also my knees often feel stiff and I avoid bending down. I am fifity, work full-time (often standing for long periods of time) and take moderate exercise, walking the dog etc. I am a little overweight – perhaps a stone or so.

My doctor has told me to avoid swimming breastroke as this would involve doing the wrong movement for my knees, but has encouraged me to lose weight and to continue with the walking. She has also told me to take 1500mg of glucosamine sulphate a day. Unfortunately I cannot use sopical pain killers or ibuprofen etc., as I am allergic to salicilates/non-steroidal anti-inflamatory drugs. I can however take paracetamol.

Please advise what I can do to alleviate pain and improve my condition? I feel this has suddenly come upon me and that I am too young to detiorate like this. Is weight a factor with arthritis? Can acidic food worsen it?
Sorry, I meant ‘topical’ and not ‘sopical’!

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Answer by Gentleman
I am not sure that weight is a factor with arthritis , but it’s an extremely good start to shed as much weight as you can according to your height and remain level . Extra weight will wear your joints down much faster . Your Physician’s recommendation to take Glucosemine is proper . However being over the age of 55 myself and exercising all my life I would may be suggest to try fish oil 3 6 9 it will help to lubricate your joints . I do not take Glucosemine any longer only fish oil and it also helps fight my bad cholesterol and adds to my good cholesterol . Perhaps you may want to ask your physician about it and see what she has to say . Have a smaller portion of food in a small plate as well stay away form sweets . Acidic food shouldn’t have anything to do with it again some people are more prone to arthritis compared to others . It sounds that your Doctor is giving you the right advice and you are taking the proper steps . Have great day and good luck

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2 Responses to “Arthritis Advice?”

  • A T:

    I have suffered this a long time, the only answer, is to ensure you stay active, as indolence, is a surefire way of losing joint mobility, start an advised exercise regime, ( ask for an appointment with the local services that do this thing at your local hospital ), and do it daily, forever, it does help, …and NO, it is not an “old mans” disease, it can happen to any one, but it is most often observed as we age, and you are in the age bracket, of most sufferers…

    You also need to read, carefully, the notes that come with your medication, as some forms of medicine prescribed for arthritis sufferers, ( especially at high doses, and taken long term ), bring along an increased risk of strokes, and heart problems, as I have found to my cost….

    Also, I take glucosamine sulphate, but it may not be enough, ironically there was an article in a newspaper recently, that said that Frankincense was a new form of help, ( from research, it appears that 100% of users found it improved pain, and increased mobility, by over 2/3, at higher doses compared to a dummy test, and to lower level users), it is not fully tested yet, but there are no known side effects reported, but check this out first, I have not yet tried it, but will do so, in the future.

    Just goes to show, that the wise men knew a bit more than we do…when they supplied this at the Birth of offence intended….but just noting this …..

    Omega three ( fish oils, also found in some vegetables, in a Mediteranean style diet, and olive oils ), are a help to many with joint problems, just remember, that this is also a form of fat, albeit a beneficial one, and should be used as a “replacement”, not an “addition” to you diet….(also remember that re-using cooking oils, ( even olive oils ), causes the cooking oil, used in heating, for food cooking, to turn into “trans fatty acids”, if used more than once or twice, and heated to high temperatures, dispose of it regularly, as these trans fatty acids are the real killers in food these days, to the extent that many countries are in the process of banning them, even as I write, (including G.Britain and America, and the European Union, ) …

    “Chondroitine”, is another form of help, but the effect takes time to be noticed, ( it is a form of shark, cartilage, now in artificial form, so no endangered sharks are killed), both of these are available from Barret and Holland, health stores…

    It can also be found in the articles on advertising in the “Daily Mail newspaper, regularly advertised ), these are often the cheapest source, by post, and if you do not have free prescriptions, this may be the best way to go,

    Definetely, lose weight, as this will help, enormously, and diet may also be looked at, as well, as some foods do affect this condition, ( James Coburn, the late American actor, swore by a “cure” for his arthritis problems, based on sulphur intake, but I never found out what this involved), it may take some time for you to work all this out, but what works for others may not benefit you, but stick with it, and add yoga, lessons to your future, and swimming, and cycling as well, these are exercises where the body is supported in some way, so the weight does not become a problem, do NOT try jogging, this is a high impact exercise, and others of this sort should be avoided…

    P.s. I have done some research for you, and tracked down this article on “Frankincense”, it appeared in the “Daily Mail”, on Wednesday, of this week (on July the thirtieth, by Fiona MacRae, (science reporter,) she can be contacted at:

    [email protected]

    The trials were U.S. based, and taken over three months, an improvement of 2/3 for joint mobility ( and decreased pain levels ), was observed, by the researchers, It was reported by the journal, Arthritis Research and Therapy, it clearly shows a lower level of the the enzyme responsible for eating away, bone cartilage….the tablets are capsules, and are called ( 5-Loxin ) so you know what to look for when shopping, at a health store…

    Best of luck, but expect your “particular” solution to take time to find….I wish that this message board was able to accept a late submission for further information to be passed on, as I have a large amount of info, that would be helpful, including titles of books, but I can not put these on just now, as I have bills to pay, and have to leave now…

    Lastly, do not take 6-8 glasses of water a day, this is a popular misconception, your total water intake is the “equivalent” ( remember this, it is important, it is the “equivalent” amount, not the taking of this amount in fluids….), of 6-8 glasses, and a lot of that is coming from your food intake, do not try to force yourself to drink, this amount, it will prove to be too much, for most people, and for some, quite dangerous nonsense as well ….;

  • Christine S:

    There are actually two types of arthritis: osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. However, based on your descriptions I would guess that you have the latter since multiple joints are affected.

    Yes, definitely weight is a factor with arthritis. Your joints are spongy and inflamed and heavy weight on it/pressure will exacerbate the condition. Walking your dog is a good idea. Just avoid standing for long periods as it may make matters worse. The best exercise actually is passive range of motion exercises to forestall loss of function.

    Acidic food, specifically foods that contain uric acid can certainly aggravate the condition. A low purine diet is prescribed as an adjunct to drug therapy for arthritis.
    A low purine diet is composed of green vegetables and tomatoes, fruits and fruit juices. On the other hand, seafoods, beef,pork, bacon usually have the highest uric acid content so you might want to avoid those. In addition, increasing your daily fluid intake to approximately 6-8glasses/daily will increase the likelihood of eliminating uric acid from your system.

    Now, to alleviate the pain you may use cold compress during acute attacks of pain. However if the pain is chronic then its advisable to use hot compress over the area to relax the muscles. It is advisable to splint inflamed joints to maintain it in a functional position and to prevent musculoskeletal deformities.

    Hope you’ll feel better somehow and keep up the good work for taking some time out of your work to take care of yourself…After all our best asset is our health…(: