Arthritis Advice?

Question by Claire: Arthritis advice?
I have recently been diagnosed with arthritis, having been to the doctor complaining of a pain in my left thumb and joint. Also my knees often feel stiff and I avoid bending down. I am fifity, work full-time (often standing for long periods of time) and take moderate exercise, walking the dog etc. I am a little overweight – perhaps a stone or so.

My doctor has told me to avoid swimming breastroke as this would involve doing the wrong movement for my knees, but has encouraged me to lose weight and to continue with the walking. She has also told me to take 1500mg of glucosamine sulphate a day. Unfortunately I cannot use sopical pain killers or ibuprofen etc., as I am allergic to salicilates/non-steroidal anti-inflamatory drugs. I can however take paracetamol.

Please advise what I can do to alleviate pain and improve my condition? I feel this has suddenly come upon me and that I am too young to detiorate like this. Is weight a factor with arthritis? Can acidic food worsen it?
Sorry, I meant ‘topical’ and not ‘sopical’!

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Answer by Gentleman
I am not sure that weight is a factor with arthritis , but it’s an extremely good start to shed as much weight as you can according to your height and remain level . Extra weight will wear your joints down much faster . Your Physician’s recommendation to take Glucosemine is proper . However being over the age of 55 myself and exercising all my life I would may be suggest to try fish oil 3 6 9 it will help to lubricate your joints . I do not take Glucosemine any longer only fish oil and it also helps fight my bad cholesterol and adds to my good cholesterol . Perhaps you may want to ask your physician about it and see what she has to say . Have a smaller portion of food in a small plate as well stay away form sweets . Acidic food shouldn’t have anything to do with it again some people are more prone to arthritis compared to others . It sounds that your Doctor is giving you the right advice and you are taking the proper steps . Have great day and good luck

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