Can I Get Addicted to Poping Thizz Pills?

Question by : can i get addicted to poping thizz pills?
i popped a thiz pill for the very first time last night with some friends.
im thinking of doing it more, but will i get addicted?

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Answer by RedTigerLily xLive
Of course you can get addicted to ecstasy (Thizz pills are actually commonly mixed with other drugs ie; Crack, Meth, Lsd!)

Are you an idiot? Of course ecstasy pill are addictive, and once you are addicted you will go downhill from there.

Good luck whoring yourself out for your next fix.

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3 Responses to “Can I Get Addicted to Poping Thizz Pills?”

  • Ali:

    Ah. My best friend in GA started doing those. She said “oh, it’s no big. we just do it on occasion.” Then a couple weeks later she said her and her bf were “just going to do it monthly”… now she’s hooked. i’m just warning you. Some people get addicted, others don’t. But from what I’ve seen, the addiction is more for the feeling and sensation of feeling SO DAMN GOOD… I haven’t seen one suffer any serious withdraw symptoms when they stop (like sweaty hands, shaking, orthrowing up).. so I don’t really think it’s actually a physical addiction. It just goes to people’s head and they get emotionally and psychologically addiction. It’s your choice to continue doing it. Just be aware of the risks. And read up online what’s in it. Because i kn ow it has a mix of a LOT of things in it, so if you’re not cautious and don’t trust or know the eprson you buy from, be careful. they can be laced.

  • Kelly Hill:

    MDMA Is not physically addictive but it’s psychologically addictive because it feels so good and fun.
    There are no physical withdrawl symptoms associated with MDMA.

    It doesn’t surprise me that you are thinking of doing it more because that’s how everyone is, including me, after trying MDMA for the first time. You probably had the best night of your life.

    Please be safe about it. I’ve seen friends of friends get messed up or even die from overdose or dehydration because they danced too long without rest.
    I even once saw a dead body get carried out of a club on a stretcher. He took like 7 pills of MDMA laced with some stuff and just died. His dead body was all green… like an alien. It was some scary shit and made me think twice about doing E again.

    Most people, once they get into E, they go on a binge and start doing it like every weekend, or even every day. Some people learn to control themselves after a while and slow down and eventually get bored of it. But those with less self-control continue to do it and mess up their brain and body, and even move on to harder drugs.

    I am not going to tell you to stop now because you obviously won’t. I was just like you once before.
    It’s ok to experiment.for a short while. Just be safe about it and don’t take shady pills. A very high percentage of MDMA pills aren’t pure MDMA. They can be laced with harder stuff like heroine.

    Try to only do it on special occasions and make sure you get a good rest and consume a lot of vitamins after and before doing it. Keep yourself well hydrated at all times. Don’t ever do it for days in a row. That’s dangerous.
    There are also over-the-counter seratonin supplements that you can buy in drugstores. It won’t prevent the damage that MDMA will do to your brain but it’s better than nothing.

    Eventually, you must learn to control yourself and stop using it.
    After using it for a year, I stopped completely. It wasn’t hard to quit but I do miss it sometimes.
    Some of my friends still continue to use it but the smart ones only do it like 3-4 times a year and they seem to be ok. But there hasn’t been much study on the effects of long term use of MDMA so who knows what could happen to them. I would rather not take the risk. I hope you do the same.

    Good luck and be safe.

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