Gambling Addiction: Gambling, Is This an Obsession or Addiction?

Question by Baby Cakes: Gambling, is this an obsession or addiction?
Where do we draw the line bewteen obsession and addiction? A person who starves themselves, a gambler, a cumpulsive washer, can all of these people be suffering from the same thing? An obsession? What are your thoughts?

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Answer by Vera Gabriele
If you can’t be without it’s that is an addiction… an obsession is you have to do the same thing over again…an obsession is a compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea or an unwanted feeling or emotion, often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety.
Gambling can ruin a life just as much as alcohol or heavy drugs only that the addiction is mental not physical..if someone is a real gambler he will not just do this for fun.. it will become somethng he or she cannot live without and the fun of it is to gamble and play for money.. and that can’t get people into deep debts… so they lose everything and still own money.. they know the danger but they can’t stop without help.. that is addiction..

They need a therapist to help beat this just as alcoholics need help.. and they too need to acknowlege their problem ruins their lives and to get help…a lot of people know that but the addition is so strong they can’t stop on their own.. then they need someone to help them and show them what this does to their life and that of their loved ones…xxx

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One Response to “Gambling Addiction: Gambling, Is This an Obsession or Addiction?”

  • cade L:

    I think it ultimately depends upon perspective. Gambling depending upon the severity or extent can be viewed as an addiction or obsession, but both these 2 terms means the same thing relatively except are different connotations of one another and can be applied differently yet the modern english language has resulted in the intermingling and uneven exchange and usage of words so practically if you use either one in such a sentence people will view them to be the same thing.

    I think gambling is more of an obsession because people develop a lust and fondness whereas if it was an addiction people can still hate it but still continue it, like smoking. Most people smoking will tell you they hate it but still do it because it is an addiction whilst people whom gamble often enjoy it because of the thrill of attaining money and so forth. Why do we hear people enjoy Vegas so much? Because of the prospect of gambling and the adrenalin surge of going nuts with the money lol.
    It ultimately depends on the person’s opinion or perception.
    As for hand washing i think that is more of an obsession because obsession can also be used to mean something a person can’t let go of. They are obsessed with being clean and it makes them more happy to be clean. It could be an addiction.
    I don’t think everyone whom are suffering from such compulsive behaviour are suffering from the same disorder but are perhaps on a different mental plane to others. People have different perceptions and mentalities, it is part of being human.
    I think there is a very fine line for having an obsession and an addiction.