Addiction: Who Sang the Final Song in Abel Ferrara’s Movie “the Addiction”?

Question by : Who sang the final song in Abel Ferrara’s movie “The Addiction”?

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Answer by CamilyEmily

# “Better Off Dead”
Written by Fredro Starr, Sticky Fingaz (as Sticky Fingers), Sonny Cezar
Published by Zomba Music
Performed by Onyx (as ONYX)
Courtesy of JMJ-RAL

# “I Wanna Get High”
Written by Louis Freese (as Freese) / Larry Muggerud (as Muggerud)
Performed by Cypress Hill

# “Eternity”
Written by Schooly-D (as Schooly D), Joe Delia
Performed by Schooly-D (as Schooly D)
Courtesy of Parkside Killer Records

# “Addiction”
Written by Eddie Kendrix
Produced by Rick Rubin
Performed by Eddie Kendrix, David Ruffin

# “Ngu Ngon”
Performed by Dean Thudman

# “Vivaldi Cello Concerto In A Minor”
Written by Antonio Vivaldi (as Vivaldi)
Performed by Avron Coleman

# “London Bridge”
Performed by Endira

# “Draw The Line”
Written by Danny Toan (as Toan) / Joe Delia (as Delia) / Abel Ferrara (as Ferrara)
Published by 18th Street Music
Performed by Danny Toan/Joe Delia

# “Eine Sylvesternacht”
Written by Friedrich Nietzsche (as Friedrich Nietzshe)
Performed by Nick Eanet (as Nicholas Eanet), John Bell Young (as John Bell)
Courtesy of Newport Classics

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