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Alcohol Abuse: Pros of Alcohol and Drug Abuse?

by aulin

Question by : Pros of alcohol and drug abuse?
I’m having a debate on alcohol and drug abuse for my sociology class and my half of the debate are the pros. I certainly know that the functionalists would say that drug and alcohol abuse is good because it provides jobs for AA employees and provides greater economic flow. I’d actually like to know, are there any other pros besides the mentioned for the abuse of alcohol and drugs? Can the word “abuse” be used in a different context for alcohol and drugs? Please give me something to debate on the pros, thank you!
Okay, let me clarify my point of the debate: I was assigned the half of the debate that is pro drug and alcohol abuse, I had no say. I didn’t just ask for the pros of health, I’m also asking for benefits it causes. Functionalists, Conflict theorists, anything really. It wasn’t my choice to be the pro party. I’m really interested in anything beneficial. Maybe using “abuse” in a different context, like “use” instead? Sorry if I didn’t clarify enough.

Addiction Help: What Are Some Key Themes in the Play Angels in Ameirca?

Question by cali55: What are some key themes in the play Angels in Ameirca?
For my script anyalsis class I have to pick a topic of interest to me and relate it to the play. I cant think of any good topic to write about. I know there alot of gay themes in it and stuff but i dont think i would right a good paper on but if anybody has good ideas on it that would be great,,,,,

Heres an example to help:” If i wanted to write about food, i would use the play Importance of Being Earnest and reference that script well talking about my love for food in my paper…”

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Facts About Drug Addiction: Is My Friend Considered “addicted” to World of Warcraft or “Has No Life” What One Would Say?

Question by KM82: Is my friend considered “addicted” to world of warcraft or “has no life” what one would say?
I have a friend who loves the world of warcraft. He plays it literally everyday. Although some of his other friends thinks he’s addicted, I don’t really particularly think he’s that addicted that its hindering his lifestyle:

1. He does go out everyday to the gym and exercises
2. Whenever we ask him to come hang out on the weekends he would just close the game and come.


1. He plays everyday after he finishes work and hits the gym, he tells me he usually sleeps early for work so he would never play till wee hours in the morning so I would think it’s like maybe 2-3 hours everyday
2. If he doesn’t have anything to do on the weekends he would play A LOT, he’d tell me other than going to the gym he would practically the whole day (with breaks) on the weekends

Drug Abuse Programs: Drug Testing as a Camp Counselor?

Question by daqger: Drug testing as a camp counselor?
I just got a job as a camp counselor and in the camp guidelines it says this “I understand that
smoking, use or possession of alcohol or drugs will lead to my immediate dismissal. I agree to
participate in —-‘s drug and alcohol testing policy.” But then the only other thing that says anything about drug testing is this. ” We personally review all of the department of motor vehicles records on all drivers prior to each summer and all drivers participate in a drug screening program.” which is clearly directed to only drivers. Does this mean they will drug test me? the session is 39 days long.
i am not a driver. I applied to be a camp counselor. I am already hired and have already signed and sent in the contract as well as my W-4 forms.

Rehab Centers: Should Churches/religious Organizations Be Allowed to Form/operate Organizations…? …That Conceal Their Rel?

Question by ? Magpie: Should Churches/religious organizations be allowed to form/operate organizations…? …that conceal their rel?
…that conceal their religious affiliations or the religious basis for their methods or goals?

For instance, should a church be allowed to start a rehab facility for problem teens without disclosing to parents that the program being offered is based on the religious teachings of that church? Should a church be permitted to operate a soup kitchen/drop-in centre that actively conceals the church’s role in funding it?

If there is no legal restrictions, do you think the church should have any ethical misgivings about such an arrangement?

Thanks in advance.

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Answer by Scooterpoop, liberal steamroller
If my church were “affiliated” with the Church of Absolute Satan, I wouldn’t give a hoot.

It says nothing about me if it’s concealed and no one knows.

Drug Abuse Addiction: Name a Song With a Drug in the Title?

Question by Jessica: Name a song with a drug in the title?
Or a song with the word ‘drug’ in the title works too.

BQ: Do ya do drugs? Do ya?? BAD INFLUENCE.
BQ2: Is weed /really/ a gateway drug? Lesss be honest.
BQ3: ^ Should it be legal?
BQ4: Is this question probably gonna get deleted? xD
BQ5: Do you know what some of your Y!A contacts look like? lol

Alright. This is pointless but I’m bored and R&P is not entertaining me to my standards.
Have a good night 🙂
@Vee, I know! I saw all of the TDs and I was like “o_____o” People be sippin’ on dat haterade.

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Answer by Lourdes
lol does lucy in the sky with diamonds count (LSD)

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