Addiction Treatments: Petra Thank You for Your Fast Fast Answer… and Very Good… But?

Question by who knows: petra thank you for your fast fast answer… and very good… but?
how does one “treat” addiction? i know there’s aa, but altho he was a member for many years, he won’t go any more. is there truly a “treatment” for addiction if he’s not drinking any more? he refuses to see counselors that have been provided for free by the state of texas, or that are paid for by myself. and he’s the one who asked me to set up the appoinment. when i did and paid for the intake, he said he wasn’t going to go.

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Answer by ron m
a friend of mine was a hard, drink all day alcoholic. when she finally sought help, after a suicide attempt, she went to a doctor. along with psychological help, he prescribed medication. i don’t remember the name, but when she went to take a drink (after a few months on the wagon), she puked up every thing except her toenails. after she did this, once, just the smell of alcohol would make her nauseous

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