Should Marijuana Be Legalized in USA?

Question by : Should marijuana be legalized in USA?
CAustin is an idiot.
Medical marijuana isn’t an issue? Gangs and drug violence isn’t an issue? Addiction to prescription pain medication isn’t an issue? Lol what a joke, typical republican.

Yes it should be legalized.
To some republican
“Oh my gosh. Nmbv; I literally laughed at your answer. Every single thing you said was wrong. Gangs and addiction are DEFINITELY an issue today. You know what, it’s not even worth it to try and find sense in you.”

LOLOLOLOLLOL typical republican doesn’t realize that weed is just as easy to get as alcohol. Gangs PROFIT from marijuana being illegal you know that right? Oh you don’t?
We have 13 year old kids gaining access to meth and you think making weed illegal will do ANYTHING?

“Honestly, this is what I think. I could give a flying f**** about any idiot dying from marijuana and drug abuse.”
Yes about zero people have died from marijuana overdose so far so you probably shouldn’t be concerned.

“The reason I’m against it is because when Sally is having such a fun time with her friends getting drunk, wasted, and high, her little brain, heart, and liver are suffering terribly. And when she’s in the hospital and needs special care, who’s going to pay for all her medical expenses?”
Yes marijuana causes liver, heart and brain damage. Yes it does. Yes it definitely does (keep telling yourself that).

“And when she’s in the hospital and needs special care, who’s going to pay for all her medical expenses?”
Special care for what? More people are ADDICTED to legal prescription medications like oxycodone than marijuana lol. If patients are given the choice between medication that ACTUALLY causes damage to the body and is chemically addictive, and marijuana they will choice marijuana. (thus lowering prescription drug addiction).
“Because God knows Sally is a deadbeat with no education, job, or future. Is it our job to pay for her liver cancer because of all the stupid decisions she made?”
Marijuana is safer than alcohol.
they would get fired just like if you show up to work drunk

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Answer by Kaisa
He’ll NoOOOOOOooooooOoOoooooOoooooOoOOooooooOooOooooooOoooooooOooooOooOooOo

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6 Responses to “Should Marijuana Be Legalized in USA?”

  • Larry S:

    Smoke a doobie, mellow out, why all the typing.

  • dcarpenter72:

    Absolutely not. It can and usually does get laced with more potent drugs. If they can make lacing illegal on it but maintain pure marijuana then I say go for it. Personally I would never do it legal or not.

  • Amara:

    Of course. Marijuana is demonized because corporations can’t make a profit on it. Alcohol meanwhile kills thousands a year, weed kills zero.

  • tenman:

    to be honest nothing much would change it much bring much need jobs and or oney to the economy. but if people like postmen and teachers and firefighters and police and judges are allowed to smoke you might not get that package on time or that fire put out or that gangbanger arrested it would only cause problems for the most part. the government is ike a strict german aunt but theres a reason why pot is not free to smoke in most of america

  • mr. chao:

    There is no reason for marijuana to be illegal and alcohol to be legal.

    Not one.

    Don’t like weed? Don’t smoke it and butt out of others’ lives.

  • Angela Sue:

    Yes it should