Addiction Therapy: Why Is Jaycee Dugard Still Hiding Out? It’s Not for “therapy”. Is There Another Reason?

Question by : Why is Jaycee Dugard still hiding out? It’s not for “therapy”. Is there another reason?
Now that the Garrido’s are supposedly locked up, why haven’t we seen any trace of Jaycee Dugard? Other than her super secret TV interview, that was just taped at a secret location and aired on ABC, she hasn’t been seen or heard of directly. Her mother and the shill Dugard therapist have sold a couple of high priced apperances but not one glimpse of Jaycee or the girls that are supposed to be her daughters. Please don’t try to say that Jaycee is deep in therapy from her terrible ordeal. It was clear from her ABC performance that she isn’t very traumatized. There were a few reports that she had a sexual addiction and meth habit but her $ 50 million should have been able to fix those by now. Assuming that she is trying to rehab from them. With the millions she has now, i suppose she can afford to feed both habits for life if she wants to.
What could be the reasons for still hiding if all of her victimizers are locked up? Are there others out there that she was sexually abused by that she fears. She didn’t mention any others but that means less than nothing. You would think by now she would have intergrated back into society a little if she ever plans to. Another possibility is that she doesn’t reside in the US anymore nor ever intends to. Just grab all the millions she can get and take it abroad. If it is still witness protection then there is a lot more to her story than anyone is letting on. I know the neighbors all said she was having sex with the Mexiacan drug gangs in the neighborhood but that doesn’t even explain why she has just dropped off the face of the earth. I don’t know why they would be looking for her anyway. This kind is anonimity could only be pulled off by the federal government or some VERY well paid professionals. Whoever is hiding her is earning their money. Anyone have any theories where she is or why she is still hiding out?

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Answer by johntrottier
Please take you hate and abuse elsewhere
Jaycee has suffered enough
Ghouls such as yourself are the reason she does not want to be out in public

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