Why Are So Many Teachers Being Caught Having Sex With Students?

Question by nick p: Why are so many teachers being caught having sex with students?
From pre-school to high school, so many teachers, teahcers aid, etc. are in the news these days being caught pedophiling children and students. What is causing this to happen?

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Answer by Dominic
Because they can’t afford a real partner!!!

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2 Responses to “Why Are So Many Teachers Being Caught Having Sex With Students?”

  • Sarah:

    Because they ain’t sneaky like the Pink Panther.

    No but seriously. I think it might just be the teachers themselves, mixed with uneducated students. It would start from the teachers not doing their job, having problems at home, or a lack of confidence in themselves. Students not being taught the VALUE of RESPECT for AUTHORITY from their parents is a big one too. If they don’t understand how disrespectful it is to idol a teacher as an object of affection and not their real, live mentor for future learning, its ill-mannered.

    People nowadays, wow.

  • M. Richards:

    The reason that so many teachers, professors, etc are committing these deviant acts is because of pornography. Yes, many of you might say that no it not that. The truth is that many people tend to mimic what they see on television, the internet, and on the radio. Most people don’t realize that there is a difference between reality and fiction. That’s not a hidden secret because you see all the accidents, crimes, etc that have been committed just by copying what they’ve seen and heard. The other factor that has been proven is that pornography is highly addictive, it’s on the same level of addiction just like heroin or cocaine. Remember, companies that put this type of “Internet Programming” know what they are doing. “Internet Programming” really means how you are being programmed, it’s just like “Television Programming” and “Radio Programming”. You can also call this the biggest “Honey Trap” because it’s also meant to distract the general population. This control method has already been tested on the masses in Latin America in the 90’s on television.

    Now take into account the type of pornography that is being put on the net which a lot of them is catering to teacher and student. It’s creating a demoralized and deviant society. Major telecom companies have been funding and allowing this type of material since the 90’s but sadfully people just don’t care.