Addiction: Why Is It That We Always See the Medical World Constantly Labeling Common Activities as New “addictions”?

Question by David S: Why is it that we always see the medical world constantly labeling common activities as new “addictions”?
The way I see it, the medical world acts much like the media in the fact that they seek nearly as much attention using whatever they can come up with for a story.

They are always labeling common activities, calling them “addictions”.

You here it all the time. Internet addiction. Video game addiction. On Yahoo’s search page today they are spewing some story about sun tanning addiction.

A habit can be developed by anyone for anything that they like to do. Are you going to say I need counseling because I have an addiction to flying a model airplane or fishing?

I just think they more or less synthesize non-existent syndromes for ultimately, the money.

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Answer by mr.obvious
PLEASE Don’t confuse the Medical Doctors with the Shrinks or Quack. Quacks are the single most scammers of insurance fraud. They have become so corrupt that they have ruined so many lives and they still get away with murder because they are so called Doctors, They are not Doctors, they are Sales people with a degree, Some are legit but most of them are to lazy to work and choose psychology for a field.There a numerous web sites exposing there tactics and the FDA and Government allows their corruption to flourish, They don’t think you should swat your child’s but to get their attention, you should give them a pill and take them to a counselor, Money Money Money, and we pay for this abuse.

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17 Responses to “Addiction: Why Is It That We Always See the Medical World Constantly Labeling Common Activities as New “addictions”?”

  • amandla:

    An addiction, in general, is something that iterferes with a person’s life in a significant manner, and that is to a large extent out of the person’s control.
    A person who cannot (despite many attempts, guilt, etc) pull themselves away from their games or from surfing the internet, to the detriment of their performance at school, work, or in their social lives, could definitely benefit from the body of knowledge that tells us about addictive behavior and treatment. As the world changes we need to update our way of understanding it. Addiction is not a new concept. It may just be applied to new behaviors as they emerge.
    I saw the tanning addiction headline, which seems a bit silly to me too. Could imagine that it perhaps has something to do with the chemicals released in the body as a reaction to sunshine…mabe the way people can become addicted to the endorphin rush caused by strenuous excercise. Anything can be overdone, and the term addiction comes into play whenever there is a compulsion and a lack of control, no matter what the behavior.
    At the same time, by the way, things that used to be considered abnormal, unhealthy, pathological etc. are being reconsidered and redefined as perfectly OK. It would be pretty pathetic if medicine, psychology etc came to a standstill and refused to rethink what we believe to know, don;t you think?

  • mel:

    medical and its anciliary industries is billion-dollar industry. everytime u write something new, u get all kinds of kickbacks interms of professorship, research fundings, drug companies special thingys, media publicity etc. these r things we dont see. so it goes on a roll. everyone wants to say something abt anything under the sun. so its up to us to be discerning. lets do so. thanks for hi-lighting this. lets hope others take heed

  • x0scimy0x:

    Alright thanks man. I just liked Arena Net’s facebook page and? the official guild wars 2 page

  • SuperBattlefieldGuy:

    Guild wars guru is the site if you want to stay informed. I’m not making promotion or anything, but if you check this site a couple time a week? you’ll know when theres a beta event…

  • x0scimy0x:

    Sorry, not until after I posted my comment did I even KNOW they did the stress test thing. I wasn’t? notified about it at all :/

  • SuperBattlefieldGuy:

    … Maybe? you should look when I posted this comment…

  • x0scimy0x:

    What..? How did you? play for 20 minutes outside of a beta event?

  • SirGroken:

    Tera? add.. gtfo!

  • CKproduktions:

    thats why? they were and are telling us so little ÅÅ

  • zengara11:

    DUDE -.-….He still get hit….+ confuse himself by doing the side to side, if he wanted to avoid it do like the devs and like only go to? one side alot. end of story!!!!! xD

  • Muck006:

    No it wouldnt … and he probably isnt as experienced? to move out as he could be.
    Standing still always has the “inertia of decisionmaking to overcome and then implementing it” whereas always twitching left and right only requires you to choose the right direction compared to that.

  • romann921:

    You should speak in that deep voice more often, at least quote the robot cop from Futurama,? Awww yaaa! 😀

  • Redxrandomstv:

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  • Wati Itsme:

    @kiteGr i know EXACTLY what you mean, i did the? same, kinda ruined it for myself, thats why i didnt watch any jumping puzzles, turns out the games sooo much more fun when u dont know anything about what your doing, i’ll keep watching the pvp ones though, cause nothing new there 🙂

  • KiteGr:

    At first I was mad about GW2.
    Then I started researching and watching whatever early footage I could find.
    Then I Read every detail I could find.
    Then? I played the Beta….
    …And it felt like I’ve been playing that game for over a year!

    Don’t Strugle to much! Looking into the game to much will spoil the acual release.

  • SuperBattlefieldGuy:

    I just bought it yesterday so I could play today. I had some? problems downloading it and ended up only playing like 20 minutes 🙁 So sad I can’t wait for the next event…

  • ZoneFighter1:

    Norn and charr starter area boss monsters tried to start over on me after bosses were dead. But? then I took a step and found myself moved to after the events.