Addiction: Why Is It That We Always See the Medical World Constantly Labeling Common Activities as New “addictions”?

Question by David S: Why is it that we always see the medical world constantly labeling common activities as new “addictions”?
The way I see it, the medical world acts much like the media in the fact that they seek nearly as much attention using whatever they can come up with for a story.

They are always labeling common activities, calling them “addictions”.

You here it all the time. Internet addiction. Video game addiction. On Yahoo’s search page today they are spewing some story about sun tanning addiction.

A habit can be developed by anyone for anything that they like to do. Are you going to say I need counseling because I have an addiction to flying a model airplane or fishing?

I just think they more or less synthesize non-existent syndromes for ultimately, the money.

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Answer by mr.obvious
PLEASE Don’t confuse the Medical Doctors with the Shrinks or Quack. Quacks are the single most scammers of insurance fraud. They have become so corrupt that they have ruined so many lives and they still get away with murder because they are so called Doctors, They are not Doctors, they are Sales people with a degree, Some are legit but most of them are to lazy to work and choose psychology for a field.There a numerous web sites exposing there tactics and the FDA and Government allows their corruption to flourish, They don’t think you should swat your child’s but to get their attention, you should give them a pill and take them to a counselor, Money Money Money, and we pay for this abuse.

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