Addictions Treatment Center: Methadone Treatment at the Private Addiction Treatment Centers

Cases of drug addiction and drug abuse have increased tremendously resulting in serious consequences to the society. The most widely abused drug is heroin. Drug abuse is a serious concern not only for the addict’s family but also for the country. Being a highly addictive drug, heroin needs a strict treatment therapy.

One of the treatment methods used in drug addiction treatment centers is the use of methadone, an opiate that is administered to overcome the addiction to heroin. Methadone is a tricky drug to counter the effects of heroin and it requires constant monitoring. This means that it needs to be used only under medical supervision. Consuming more methadone, than prescribed without medical supervision is a sure way to get addicted to methadone, an equally serious and detrimental addiction.

Addiction to methadone brings about similar withdrawal symptoms as other drugs. An overdose of methadone will have severe consequences including psychological dependence on the opiate, sedation, edema, nausea, muscle spasms, lower blood pressure, and disorientation. Methadone is a highly persistent drug with its symptoms and effects lasting in the body for days.

Treatment for addiction to heroin may eventually result in an addiction to methadone. Although, the number of addiction cases for this drug is relatively less as compared to other drugs, the rise in addiction cases is at an alarming rate. With addiction to methadone, there are not many feasible options apart from enrolling into drug addiction treatment centers. In such centers, professional help is provided to the person for both methadone and heroin addiction.

Private drug addiction treatment centers use detoxification processes to counter the addiction to methadone. In this treatment procedure, the opiate Methadone itself is administered under medical supervision to treat the addiction. However, considering the difficulties that come along while using methadone, most of the drug addiction treatment centers have switched over to using natural detoxification processes to help the addict. The basic idea in this treatment procedure is to devoid the person from methadone, rekindling the body to start a self-cleaning process. This brings about cleaning up of the remnants of methadone and other toxins from the addict’s system.

The process of detoxification is highly challenging. The addict has the tendency to show exaggerated withdrawal symptoms and may go back to using the drug, thus bringing about a break in the treatment. Under such cases, it is a better approach to go for private drug addiction treatment centers as the private centers have an edge over the regular treatment centers. They are efficient with trained professionals for the detoxification process to overcome any form of relapse. The professionals have the efficacy and alternative methods to help the addict remain focused on the addiction treatment.

Guidance and counseling plays a big role in drug addiction treatment. These sessions may be customized to individual or a group sessions. Group therapies have been known to bring abut the best results as the addicts are given a chance to work together with others. The treatment requires a follow- up program to address any concerning areas that may trouble the individual and give the individual valuable insight on staying on the path of sobriety.

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