Addiction Treatments: What Is Considered a Long Time for Taking Xanax?

Question by Kamkat: what is considered a long time for taking xanax?
Is taking a small dose (.25) daily for two years considered a long time use of xanax?

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Answer by Bell
You really shouldn’t take it for more than 3 years. I learned that in college.

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2 Responses to “Addiction Treatments: What Is Considered a Long Time for Taking Xanax?”

  • John 12.43:

    I think my uncle has been on a small dose for 30 years or so….it all depends…if it’s working well, don’t fix it.

    : D

  • izzy:

    It could be enough for you to get unpleasant symptoms if you stop taking it abruptly. If you want to stop taking it without a doctor’s help reduce the dose slowly over a period.

    “Withdrawal from a Xanax addiction is extremely uncomfortable, but manageable. Always keep in mind that it is dangerous to abruptly discontinue Xanax without medical supervision and the right kind of Xanax treatment.”