Addiction Treatment Services: Why Do I Like Watching Women Get Abused?

Question by Master Cool: why do i like watching women get abused?
hi all
i have a really sad confession to make.

ive always watched porn, i think alot of young men do and i never really saw anything wrong with it.

it started a few years ago with pictures, then it moved up to videos, to the point that i was spending a fair amount of cash on adult dvds.

but more recently ive been introduced to “extreme” sorts of porn, where the woman would get savagely abused, maybe till the point where she would start crying. and i enjoy it, i get off on it.

but i know its totally wrong. my mind is corrupt, i just don’t know what to do anymore.

i know some of you are going to flame me or tell me to “get help”, but how exactly? can i just walk into a shrink and tell him about this? what can he do for me apart from giving me a weird look. i hate being like this, its totally disgusting and foul,

please help me. i want to change.

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Answer by macy;;*
wow .
STOP watching the videos.
find another interest.
talk to a shrink, and shrinks will do nothing but help you
and im sure he/she will be weirded out by your problem,
but they’ll help.

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