Addiction Treatment Services: Recovery From Drug Addiction – Ariel’s Story – Addiction Treatment – Ambrosia Treatment Center

Recovery from Drug Addiction – Ariel’s Story – Addiction Treatment – Ambrosia Treatment Center

Visit Ambrosia Treatment Center website for further information. or call 866-577-6868 I had an addiction or I have an addiction to Xanax and I got sober for a couple of months on my own. Then I started to get bad cravings and had a relapse for 5 days. It was very scary and I knew I needed to get into a treatment center and that is how I omitted myself to Ambrosia Treatment Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. My first day at Ambrosia Treatment Center everybody was very welcoming. It was hard because I was scared, but everybody was welcoming and made me feel at home. Ambrosia Treatment Center has really helped me I came in here feeling hopeless and depressed and I’m leaving feeling excited about the future. Ambrosia Treatment Drug Rehab Center provides drug addiction treatment services in Florida, alcohol detox, drug detox and intensive outpatient drug rehab. http


Passages Addiction Treatment Centers Complete Annual JCAHO Staff Training
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“Approximately 85% of the nation's hospitals are JCAHO Accredited, yet addiction treatment centers only account for a very small percentage of JCAHO approved facilities. We are proud to be a part of this elite group, as this speaks volumes about the …


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