Addiction Treatment Services: Is Decriminalizing Drug Use and Increasing Rehab Opportuniites the Solution to Illegal Drugs?

Question by Alvaro G: is decriminalizing drug use and increasing rehab opportuniites the solution to illegal drugs?
Mexico passed a controversial law on Aug. 20, 2009, decriminalizing people’s personal use of drugs.
the decriminalization policy is a progressive effort to humanize people who use drugs
punitive sanctions for drug users, such as detention, is no longer adopted in Mexico. The government believes that people who use drugs need health treatment. Drug addiction rehabilitation facilities should be established to fulfill their needs for health treatment, care and support for a full reco

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Answer by obamasbro
whoooppie ! mexico is already a basket case,now it will be a total sh+i+t hole…people,drug users/addicts are worthless group that contribute nothing to society.what the fk is wrong with you,dopers do not work,just party….

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