Addiction Treatment Programs: What Is the Regular Procedure in a Rehab for an Alcoholic?

Question by BurntBridges: What is the regular procedure in a rehab for an alcoholic?
I’m probably going into one soon. I want to know what to expect. I want to know what happens. Please tell me.

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Answer by Kelly B
If you are told…’re more likely not to go.


I depends of whether you’re doing in or out patient care.

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3 Responses to “Addiction Treatment Programs: What Is the Regular Procedure in a Rehab for an Alcoholic?”

  • Peace Cati:

    I personally have not been there, but I know people who have.

    1st: Different for different people
    2nd: The girl above me is right
    3rd: As same as first they help you based on finding what made you become an alcoholic in the first place.

  • jeffreyb:

    depends on the rehab center. they will obviously not let you drink or do drugs. you will see a doctor and a therapists. you will have group therapy. you will probably get a sponsor and start working the 12 steps. you will probably go to bed and wake up at a scheduled time. you will be fed 3 meals a day. there will likely also be recreational therapy and art therapy type things. you will probably share a bedroom with one other person. it would be helpful to start a journal while you are there if you don’t do that already. good luck, it is not as bad as it sounds.