Addiction Treatment Facilities: I Had Inhalants Abuse? Please Give Any Info You Know! Anyone!?

Question by julie: I had inhalants abuse? Please give any info you know! Anyone!?
I huffed/had inhalants abuse for 2 years?

I would sniff things through my nose about twice a day. It was really bad for about five months. I have been done for about 7 months now. But how do I move on and stop worrying about that I could get cancer? That I did damage and blahblahblah? How do I recover so I’m healthy again?

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Answer by jannsody
Please continue “reaching out” (for help), and get into some sort of program of recovery which ideally should include attending those 12-step meetings, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). The first step to sobriety (being sober) is admitting that one has a problem in which you seem to have done.

Please talk to your doctor about any health concerns. You’re very fortunate as my friend actually has a severe Brain Injury from inhalant use at the age of 12, now in her 30s.

Just an fyi that even though brain cells are not supposed to grow back, some research has shown that the brain can form new pathways to *help* compensate for the injured areas. Please, however, talk about your concerns with a medical doctor.

For more general info re: the dangers of huffing:

This site has a “search engine” to search for counseling and treatment programs for those addiction problems (and inhalant use can cause physical and/or psychological/mental addictiveness), and some programs may have state and/or county funding for those without health insurance: and can click the first link and then can click “near you” on the left-hand side of the page under “find facilities”. Then one can type the city and state into search.

For some AA meetings (and one may attend an “open” AA meeting if there is no drinking problem):

Please decide to take control of yourself and make good, HEALTHY choices in life 🙂

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