Addiction Treatment Centers: Meth Vaccine Helps Addicts Committed to Recovery

Meth Vaccine Helps Addicts Committed to Recovery
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In the U.S. alone there are said to be more than 400,000 current users, and in some states, including California, meth accounts for more primary drug abuse treatment admissions than any other drug. Meth has characteristics that make it more addictive …


Harvest Farm breaks through addictions with farm therapy and spiritual support
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In 2010, Larimer County and Colorado reported the highest number of treatment admissions were for alcohol abuse — an average of 42.5 percent of all admissions to treatment centers such as Harvest Farm, according to Compass of Larimer County. Healing …


Methadone: 'Legal' but deadly?
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BILL: Dave, I'm aware that for the past forty or fifty years, methadone's been rated "the most effective treatment for opiate addiction" by both the National Institute of Health and the Centers for Disease Control. But that headline quote above is from …


Advancements in addiction treatment bypass Canada
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Unfortunately, just as the Canadian federal government prepares to spend billions on new "tough on drugs" criminal justice measures that will ensnare untold alcohol and drug-addicted individuals, this remarkable addiction treatment advancement remains …


Effects of Bathsalts Pt.2

Bath Salt Addiction Addiction treatment centers across the nation are starting to see patients turning up with familiar addictive behaviors related to a new legal drug on the market that is being sold as bath salts. The bath salts are sold by names like Charge, White Knight and Sky Vanilla and all have labels stating they are not intended for human consumption. But it appears they are actually produced for exactly that, human consumption, with the “bath salts” description clearly being a sham and a clever, but insidious way to get around substance abuse laws. The problem is that the laws do not cover many of the new substances showing up in mini-marts and gas stations around the country. Last year, many states scrambled to address a lack of laws on synthetic marijuana that people were smoking to get high. Lawmakers in several states moved quickly to ban the fake pot and now there are even more new variations of harder drugs showing up. The bath salts are sold in packets about the size of a tea bag, which is clearly not enough “salt” for a real “bath” but evidently contains plenty of the potent, but unrestricted drug mephedrone, which is a stimulant and produces a high similar to cocaine or methamphetamine. Because the packets come with the disclaimer, “not for human consumption” they are not subject to regulation even though they can contain a potpourri of dangerous chemicals. Mephedrone is a derivative substance similar to amphetamines and the side effects are about


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