Addiction: SOS Offers Support to Those Affected by Addiction

SOS offers support to those affected by addiction
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SOLACE meetings are designed to provide support to individuals and families affected by addiction, promote public awareness about addiction and provide prevention to children and adolescents. The organization was founded by Jo Anna Krohn, whose son, …


Data download grows with phone addiction
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Australians' intensifying addiction to phones as an internet source has been underlined by statistics showing the amount of data downloaded skyrocketed by a third in just six months. The Australian Bureau of Statistics found 32 per cent more …


The untold story of Kickstarter's most dedicated backers: Do-gooders or addicts?
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The clock is ticking. Hunched over the computer screen, a backer of a popular crowdfunding site hits the refresh button every few seconds to check whether his latest investment, an online game, has hit its target funding amount. Does this sound like a …


Lindsay & Cole – Mia Addiction Routine – SYTYCD S9 (Top 14)

Lindsay & Cole – Mia Addiction Routine – SYTYCD S9 (Top 14)…..As Seen On ©Fox Wed at 8/7c, All Rights Reserved. SYTYCD Website: Tweet Me: SYTYCD Season 9 Playlist:


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19 Responses to “Addiction: SOS Offers Support to Those Affected by Addiction

  • adjohnson22:

    soooo dope. i love both versions? but seriously this one takes the cake to me.

  • michelle sicotte:

    Nigel said that Kayla’s hair got in the way of expressing the emotion. But I felt the pain in her dancing even in the moments when I? couldn’t see her face. I was pissed that Lindsay didn’t get that note, because her hair was in her face the whole time, and even in the 2 seconds that it wasn’t, she just looked like a pretty blonde who was too focused on technique. I hated the judges this season, I couldn’t believed that they thought this was comparable to Kayla and Kupono.

  • bunnies2000:

    I LOVE? Lindsay’s legs. She’s so tall.

  • Jeriel Garcia:

    I thinked cole’s emotionless portrayal was perfect for this routine because I? think battling addiction is the battle between you and yourself as opposed to you and whatever the addiction is.

  • ShaggyMaster:

    I really disagree. I feel like Lindsey interpreted it differently. I really felt this was a more realistic interpretation. Who’d’a thunk a little Mormon girl from deep inside Utah Valley, UT, who probably? hasn’t even had so much as a cup of coffee could act out a character struggling with addiction so profoundly. AMAZING!

  • fizzybubbles715:

    It’s not really fair that the dancers are being compared to the originals. Everyone is giving their own interpretation of it. I actually wasn’t too fond of this piece the first time I saw it, but after watching it a couple times, I think Cole was phenomenal: dynamite in the character! Lindsay? to me was weak in connection and movement fluidity, but both are beautiful dancers. I just felt Cole was much stronger in this than Lindsay

  • midgeymoo5:

    Cole is seriously the best? guy from season 9. I am so disappointed he lost. I’m glad Chehon won over Cyrus, but I felt Cole was way better than both. Cole was amazing in every single dance he did. I did enjoy seeing Chehon dance beautifully in his last dances, but I’m just still surprised that Cole didn’t win.

  • midgeymoo5:

    I’M SO GLAD I WASN’T THE? ONLY ONE WHO THOUGHT SO. I was so angry when they left one after the other.

  • GeeBee003:

    Fantastic job by Lindsay & Cole with the interpretation of this song in dance. Lets not overlook the contribution to this beautiful piece in the music. With Sara Bareilles singing about pain in a way only she can, it certainly gives the dancers a big leg up on emoting passion. Without this particular music, the dance would still be great but the emotion just wouldn’t delivery in the way it can? with it. > I’m only saying this because I didn’t read any mentioned of music in 30 pgs. of comments.

  • kerstarcraft:

    After watching it many times, I have to agree. While I think both interpretations? were strong, Kupono’s was more appropriate and had greater impact.

  • Jazzabelle508:

    I feel like addiction is suppose to be a more serious villan (think? voldemort – harry potter) instead of a quirky villain (think Dr. Drakken – kim possible). Cole potryed it more like dr drakken whereas kupono potrayed it more like voldemort. I think cole is a great dancer and a great actor, I just don’t think he really approached this character in the best way for the routine. Thy both were also really stiff whereas the original was super fluid which helped make it appealing

  • Genessa Palmquist:

    Don’t like? it

  • Kristin Eriksen:

    I would love to see Cole and Kayla do this? routine 🙂

  • Krystal Sung:

    I like kayla and kuponos version beytter but? they are really good tooo

  • Regelkent01:

    3:02? Lindsay’s expression looks so HONEST and REAL!! i felt that..wew. so WONDERFUL!!

  • linzluvsjtt1:

    this is nothing compared? to the original.

  • Melissa murga:

    i get more emotional with the original one, this one lacks emotion?

  • 2004aas:

    People complained because they thought it was an homage to the original. It is NOT. This is? two DIFFERENT dances. This is the only one that night that has the ‘gut’ to separate itself from the original. For that, BRAVO Cole & Lindsay.

  • nyagcnopinkuneko:

    Watching both versions, separately and side by side, there are some aspects of each (dance and interpretation-wise) that are incomparable to each other. And that’s how art works, it’s subjective and changes with different perspectives. Just as addiction portrays itself in many forms, so does desperation. I think the marker here for how successful it was would be the look on Mia’s face when the dance was over. She was very obviously moved by what took place? on the stage and so was I.