Addiction: Endless Crappie SLABS – 247 Outdoor Addiction

Endless Crappie SLABS – 247 Outdoor Addiction

Capt. Hook and 40Seven decided to hit up our favorite crappie spot. Its mid winter, and around this time of the year, we mainly go after crappie because they never seem to stop hitting on minnows. Catch us on Facebook: Catch us on Instagram: 247outdooraddiction


Technology Addiction and Servitude
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Everywhere I look outside my home I see people busy on their high tech devices, while driving, while walking, while shopping, while in groups of friends, while in restaurants, while waiting in doctor offices and hospitals, while sitting in toilets …


Buzzkill: Your Diet Coke Addiction Is Making You Sad (But Coffee Will Save You!)
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coke Confession time: here at Refinery29, we've always got a case of Diet Coke open…and three more on back up. Quite a few of us rely on that bubbly brown sweetness to power us through long meetings, or pep us up after an over-indulgent lunch (five …


The United States has a Massive, Crippling Spending Addiction…Or Not
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According to Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, America has a “crippling addiction to spending,” and that spending is the crux of all of our deficit and debt problems. And it's true: Spending relative to revenues has been a problem for …


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6 Responses to “Addiction: Endless Crappie SLABS – 247 Outdoor Addiction”

  • 247OutdoorAddiction:

    one member of 247ODA has lived here 14 years. the rest of us have been here 6? years. The channel has only been online for almost 1 year.

  • iloveu0118:

    I wonder how did you guys find this place or location… Been there only? a year or so and fish almost all over Ok.. and goin

  • iloveu0118:

    Reason why they are there cause of a laydown 3 feet off? the shore and it goes out to the middle at that bend.. try the end of that cove..more trees in the water… pretty good there too.. let the small one go and keep only eating size.. biggest one we caught there are frm 12- 15 inches..

  • iloveu0118:

    This is no secret spot.. bet u guys heard it frm a friend, and another one cause? I swear never saw no one here before I found it.. this spot while searching for them.. back in the cove of lake oologah. good fishing !!

  • nine78guy:

    This is @ Oologah lake?

  • Edwin Orf:

    5dipa ..Your a? loser get a life fool